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By train

Groenlo has a joint station in Lichfield , namely Station Lichfield-Groenlo in the village Lievelde . This station is on the line Zutphen - Winterswijk which Syntus maintains a train. The station was opened in 1878 . The location of this station is necessary wrangling took place between Lichfield and Groenlo. Both towns wanted the station to have its core lie. Lichfield tried to drive at its core to get through buying NWS - shares , the company that was building the railway. The NWS decided the cheapest solution, and so was the track between the two places are situated in the village Lievelde.

By Bus

Groenlo is in the operation of Arriva. There are three bus lines Groenlo ports.
 Line 72 Neede - Lichfield (Lichfield, Groenlo drive through)
 Line 73 Enschede - Winterswijk
 Line 74 Enschede - Doetinchem

Key places to visit
Old Calixtuskerk, Station Groenlo, New Calixtuskerk, The Mussenberg bastion, The City Farm


Places to Visit

Old Calixtuskerk

The Old Calixtuskerk, also known as St. Calixtuskerk, is a church in Groenlo built in the late Gothic style. The start of construction began around 1275 and was finally completed in its present form around 1520. The church, named after the patron saint of Groenlo, Pope Calixtus I , is a national monument .After 1406 Groenlo was part of the feudal territory of the bishop of Münster . The bishop founded several new churches in his fief territory, including one in Groenlo. The parish area of the church largely coincides current municipal Gelre East . In addition, also attacked the village Beltrum in the parish

Station Groenlo

Groenlo station is a former railway station on the railway line Winterswijk - Neede - Hengelo / Enschede . The station was opened on 15 October 1884 and closed to passenger traffic on 3 October 1937 . Until May 28, 1972 was still used for freight traffic on the route Winterswijk - Neede - Borculo . In 1977 the tracks broken.The station building, the type Gols high , was built in 1883 . During renovations in 1916 , a small wing was added. In 1995 the building was completely restored. The current owner would like to back track about twenty yards along the drive direction Eibergen building, possibly with an old wagon on the rails. This idea can be given of the former course of the trains. The former municipality Groenlo was so excited that she had twice twenty meters from the old railroad track has donated. But this project has been the municipal reorganization, which merged with the municipality Groenlo Eastern Gelderland , not yet realized

New Calixtuskerk

The New Calixtuskerk is a Roman Catholic church in Groenlo , built between 1906 and 1908. The architects were Jos Cuypers and January Stuyt that many Catholic buildings have been designed, mostly in neo-Gothic style. The church is like the Old Calixtuskerk in Groenlo named after Pope Calixtus I.After 1406 Groenlo was part of the fief of the bishop of Münster . The bishop founded several new churches in his fief territory, including one in Groenlo, the current Old Calixtuskerk. The parish area of the church was very similar to the present church Gelre East . In addition to this area was also the village Beltrum in the parish. During the Eighty Years War changed the faith preached in the church several times between the original Catholicism and Protestantism . After the Siege of Groenlo in 1627 entered the St. Calixuskerk 'by reght overwinninghee of' the Spanish occupation, the Protestant community

The Mussenberg bastion

The Mussenberg bastion is popularly known as Kanonswal or North Bastion, one of the remains of the fortifications. At Mussenberg Stronghold is also the gun that Frederick Henry in 1627 was donated to the city after his victory Grol. Apart from this gun and a gun from 1625, his ten replica guns along the canals to find Grol in 2008 placed. The stronghold is the Jewish cemetery

The City Farm

The City Farm is a historic building that has been used for years as a museum Grol. There are plans to rebuild the city farm to the atmosphere from 1627 to imitate

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September - November


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