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By air

The nearest airport is Oslo airport (IATA: OSL).

By train

11 trains daily deparures from Oslo.

By car

Route 4 from Oslo or Lillehammer. Route 33 from Valdres.

Key places to visit
Gjovik Church, DS "Skibladner", Gjovik Olympic Cavern, Queens Church, Enge Hill Church


Places to Visit

Gjovik Church

Gjovik church was built in 1882 in three. While the new church was built in Gjovik center, the old female church demolished. The old church stood close to where the current tomb chapel is located in Follingstadvei. Therefore, also leads Church Road in Gjovik up to the old church site at Queens cemetery. As prostitution Church has Gjovik great church growth. In addition to the Norwegian Church , which has several churches in Gjovik parish , there are a number of free church communities in the city. During the construction of the new church picnic the unfinished church tower together by a storm at Christmas 1881. Gjovik Blade wrote about the new church just after this incident: "If only the tower you get to stand, the completion and grand soon rises." Today stands a monument of the famous missionary Paul Olaf Bodding just outside the church's main entrance.

DS "Skibladner"

DS "Skibladner" is Norway's only paddle steamer and the oldest vessels in regular operation, built in 1854 - 1856 by Motala shipyard in Sweden . It is also the world's oldest operational paddle steamer in scheduled traffic. The ship goes into regular service on the lake , starting from Gjovik , which is its home port, the other Mjos cities Hamar , Moelv and Lillehammer .It also calls at the Cape in Cape Milk Factory , Totenvika by Panengen and Eidsvold . Many of the tours during the summer season, both charter and open events, the "Happy Jazz Tours" with music by the orchestra Goshen Gla'jazz .

Gjovik Olympic Cavern

Gjovik Olympic Cavern Hall was built to house the hockey games that were held at Gjovik the Lillehammer Olympics in 94 . It is used today both for hockey, baseball, concerts and other events. Hall was opened in 1993 as the 29th ice skating in Norway . Hall is the home of the hockey team Gjovik Hockey and has an audience capacity of 6,000, of which 980 are standing. Spektrum Flyers played three of its home games in the season 1994/1995, Storhamar Dragons and Furuset IK have also played their home games in Gjovik Olympic Cavern Hall.

Queens Church

Female Church (built 1968) is a cubic working church of red brick. Architect: Weekend Abrahamsen. The church is located in Åsveien 35 - between the northern town of Gjovik and Hunnedalen .Old Queens church in Gjovik (1821-1881) was there Gjovik old cemetery is located today. The church was a rectangular, octagonal log building with central tower. Eastern extension was the sacristy, the western entrance with a porch. Female church was demolished when Gjovik church was built. The church has been considered to be the sign of the builder Svend Aspås from Roros , but is rather a simplified version of Abraham Pihl ​​Church on Vang at Hamar. Similarly, churches are still on Jevnaker and Åmot in Torpa .

Enge Hill Church

Enge Hill Church is a small working church in Kopperud in Gjovik . The church was consecrated by Bishop Rosemarie Kohn in 1994 .The building was originally a HVPU institution built around 1985 . Church hall is where the gym was at that time.

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