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North Rhine-Westphalia
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By Train

Gelsenkirchen's main railway station lies at the junction of the Oberhausen–Gelsenkirchen–Herne–Dortmund and Essen–Gelsenkirchen–Recklinghausen–Munster lines.

By Road

Gelsenkirchen lies on Bundesautobahnen A 2, A 40, A 42 and A 52, as well as on Bundesstraßen (Federal Highways) B 224, B 226 and B 227.

By Ferry

Gelsenkirchen can be reached along the Rhine-Herne Canal, where a commercial-industrial harbour is to be found.The harbour has a yearly turnover of 2 000 000 t and a water surface area of about 1.2 km2, one of Germany's biggest and most important canal harbours, and is furthermore connected to Deutsche Bahn's railway network by its central station.

By Bus

Local transport in Gelsenkirchen is afforded by trams and buses run by the Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Strabenbahn AG (BOGESTRA), as well as by Vestische Strabenbahnen GmbH in the city's north end (despite its name, it nowadays runs only buses).The Stadtbahn train U11, which connects Horst to Essen, as well as tram line 107, which connects Gelsenkirchen Central Station to Essen, are operated by EVAG. Tram line 302 connects the city to Bochum.All these services have an integrated fare structure within the VRR.There are three tram lines, one light rail line, and about 50 bus routes in Gelsenkirchen.

Key places to visit
ZOOM Adventure World, Science Park Gelsenkirchen, Musical theater Gelsenkirchen, North Star Park, Castle Mountains


Places to Visit

ZOOM Adventure World

in Gelsenkirchen is to experience the world redesigned, former Ruhr Zoo. Support the zoo is the Society for Energy and Economic mbH, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the city of Gelsenkirchen.Special features in Alaska are currently including the underwater glass tunnel in the seal pool, the 3,000 square meter facility or the Alaska Ice Bear Adventure, a simulated ride in an igloo on an ice floe .On 17 September 2005, a young Timber Wolf escaped from the enclosure. After pack-and turf battles have the Wolf "incredible strength to flee," developed, the spokeswoman for the zoo. He jumped over a 3.50 m high bulkhead and an electric fence. It was expected that the young female wolf on a brownfield site of the old colliery Count Bismarck is staying, near the zoo. However, he was allegedly in Hattingen and Unna sighted. The Zoosprecherin Sabine Haas then declared that it was indeed possible that the wolf had traveled these routes, but it is likely that he was still residing in the vicinity.On 25 September 2005, the wolf at 8 clock in the morning on the A42 between the junctions run over Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck, Gelsenkirchen-Schalke by a car. Here, the animal was killed.

Science Park Gelsenkirchen

was a project of the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park.Under the theme "Working in the Park" was on the grounds of a former Gußstahlwerkes in Gelsenkirchen in the district Uckendorf built a 300-foot glass building, where a number of office wings is affiliated. Immediately adjacent to the building a new neighborhood park with a lake was created which has fast become a popular recreational destination. the roof of the building is a solar power plant ( solar system ).An initially planned second phase of construction and the addition of the structure around a conference room were not executed.Designed, the science park from the Munich architect Prof. Uwe Kiessler.In 1995 the building and its urban design concept was with the German Architecture Prize awarded by the Federal Chamber of Architects.The artistic design of the science park comes from the American light artist Dan Flavin .

Musical theater Gelsenkirchen

is one of the major theaters of war.The under the auspices of architect Werner Ruhnau building was erected on 15 December 1959 and has since opened venue of many operas and musicals.Since 1997, the MiR is under monument protection .Besides the so-called "Big House" also houses a second, the "Little House".In up to 1008 places offered "big house" held annually about 200 performances.In "Little House" at 325 locations in approximately 120 events are presented.The auditorium is in contrast to the more edgy acting outside elegantly curved and allows a good view from all seats.

North Star Park

is a landscaped park on the grounds of the former North Star mine in Gelsenkirchen.Following closure of the colliery in 1993, the North Star fundamental premises renovated and transformed into a landscaped park.1997 took place in the Park National Garden Festival held. Through the North Star Park, the city of Gelsenkirchen parts Horst and Hessler connects to draw the Rhine-Herne Canal and the Emscher.The park is part of the European Garden Heritage Network and the route of industrial culture.Also located on the grounds of the North Star Park and the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen.Found in the amphitheater, especially in spring and summer, many events take place. Foremost among these are regular events as the Rock Hard Festival, the Canal Festival, the open-air cinema, the Blackfield Festival, concerts and various local, national and international artists and bands.

Castle Mountains

stands on the south side of the mountain in the district Bursch Buer of Gelsenkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia . It was built as a moated castle to protect the current Gelsenkirchen district alder and was until 1433 the family seat of the mountains.In the first half of the 16th Century into a castle and rebuilt in the last quarter of the 18th Century changed again, presenting the mansion of the facility in the style of the late Baroque to the threshold of classicism.It is now used as a hotel restaurant.The palace complex consists of the now vacant former Vorburginsel, the core of Castle Island and Garden Island.The main house is shown from the outside is still essentially as it did after the restructuring in the period from 1785 to 1788. The emblem of the Imperial Count von Westerholt has Gysenberg the main wing-back on his past clients. The representative three-wing is open to the west and stands on a square island of about 40 meters each side. Its two floors are of a mansard roof completed.The basement of the building was high on rusting pile erected, during the restoration works in the 1950s, a supportive corset from reinforced concrete were given to counteract damage to mining. Up until 1784 stood at the south corner of the island is a mansion round tower of which today only the foundations still exist.

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