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By plane

Gaziantep Airport. 15 km from city center. You can reach the city center from the airport with the Havaş shuttle service (9 lira, departs after most incoming flights)

By bus

The bus station (otogar) of the city is quite a few kilometers out of town. It is connected to city centre by local public buses, which cost 0.95 TL one-way.

By train

While Toros Express coming in from Istanbul via Konya and Adana was suspended in 2008 (and it is not certain when and if it will resume service), Turkish State Railways put a weekly passenger train service from Gaziantep to Mosul in northwestern Iraq recently, which crosses a short strip of Syrian territory. It departs from Mosul at noon every Tuesday and arrives in Gaziantep 5:40AM the next day, and costs €25 pp. (Update, Aug 2010. Mosul service has been suspended until further notice.)

Key places to visit
Gaziantep Zoo, Zincirli Bedesten, Yesemek Open Air Museum, Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology, Emine Gogus Kitchen Gaziantep Museum, Gaziantep Citadel, Kendirli Church, Kastel Cookers


Places to Visit

Gaziantep Zoo

Gaziantep Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Turkey. Especially interesting are the bird pavilion and the aquarium. Gaziantep Zoo offers a large variety of animals, attractive picnic grounds, and a cafeteria .

Zincirli Bedesten

Zincirli Bedesten is the Ottoman era covered bazaar of Gaziantep and was built in 1781 by Hüseyin Pasha of Darende. We know from records that there was formerly an epigraph on the south gate written by Kusuri, however, this inscription is not in place today. This bazaar was used as a wholesale market hall for meat, fruit and vegetables.

Yesemek Open Air Museum

Yesemek Open Air Museum is located in the village known by the same name, close to Islahiye District of Gaziantep. It is the largest open air sculpture workshop in the Near East and the ruins in the area date back to Hittites.
Wall paintings and floor mosaics in Zeugma.The remains of the old city of Belkis (Zeugma) are located in Kavunlu village which is 10 kilometers away from Nizip district of Gaziantep. These remains date back to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine times.

Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology

Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology hosts ceramic pieces from the Neolithic Age, various objects, figures, seals from Calcolithic and Bronze Age, stone and bronze objects, jewellery, ceramics, coins, and glass objects from the Urartu, Hittite, Persian, Roman and Byzantium periods. The mosaics of the ancient city of Zeugma are also displayed at the museum.

Emine Gogus Kitchen Gaziantep Museum

Emine Gogus Kitchen Gaziantep Museum Gaziantep is known for its cuisine and food culture. A historical stone house built in 1904, has been restored and turned into the Emine Göğüş Cuisine Museum. The museum opened as part of the celebrations for the 87th anniversary of Gaziantep's liberation from French occupation.

Gaziantep Citadel

Gaziantep Citadel Gaziantep Citadel, located in the centre of the city displays the historic past and architectural style of the city. Although the history of castle is a mystery, as a result of the excavations conducted there, Bronze Age settlement layers are thought to exist under the section existing on the surface of the soil.

Kendirli Church

Kendirli Church The Church was built in 1860 by means of assistance of French missionaries and Napoleon the Third. It is a catholic Armenian Church. It has a rectangular plan and was built through white cut stones on a foundation of black cut stone within a large garden.

Kastel Cookers

Pişirici Kastel The "kastel" (fountain) used to be part of a bigger group of buildings, and it is thought to have been built in 1282. "Kastels" are water fountains built below ground, and they are structures peculiar to Gaziantep. They are places for ablution, prayer, washing and relaxation.

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