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Galati Airport

There is no scheduled/ regular air service to Galati. However, the airport is open for charter flights to / from any city in Romania.

By train

Galati Train Station (Gara Galati)
Strada Garii nr. 1 (0.4 miles from downtown).
Daily connections to / from any city in Romania.

Public Transportation

Several bus routes connect Galati's main areas and tourist attractions.

Key places to visit
Natural Sciences Museum Complex, Galati History Museum, Visual Arts Museum, Galati Village Museum, House of Collections, Reservation and Zoo Garboavele, Danube Waves Beach


Places to Visit

Natural Sciences Museum Complex

Botanical Garden contains planetarium dome diameter of 7 metres (23 ft), can be viewed here different projections so that the visitors can travel to all corners of the imaginary universe, also takes place in the Planetarium, and numerous educational programs, good examples being Astroclub "Calin Popovici, and Educational Program "You know the sun, " V-XII classes for students. The aquarium is rare and very rare themes ichthyofauna of the Danube basin, Mediterranean Sea and exotic fish fauna. Botanical garden dominates the left bank of the Danube, occupying an area of 18 hectares.

Galati History Museum

It was inaugurated on 24 January 1939, on the occasion of his 80th anniversary of the Union Romanian principalities in the house which belonged to the family Cuza Alexandru Ioan Cuza and where he lived during which the chief magistrate, in Galati. Muzelui scientific activity resumed in 1951-1952, when he started organizing scientific collections. In 1956, out-of collections have been separated, so they formed part of the collections of the Museum of Natural Sciences, and another, the collections of the Museum of Art. Gradually, the History Museum's collection through new acquisitions and increased archaeological research conducted in the southern part of Moldova, mainly from the Roman camp Tirighina-Barbosi, now reaching a collection of over 50,000 exhibits, some of which are of exceptional importance.
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Memorial House Built on the former home of the chief magistrate of Covurlui, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first ruler of Romania (1859–1866). It includes a permanent exhibition dedicated to the prince, assembly and quality of restoration of environment at the end of Galati sec. nineteenth century and the beginning of sec. twentieth century.

Visual Arts Museum

It is the first Romanian contemporary art museum in the country. It was inaugurated in 1967 and was designed to provide the latest structural trends emerging artistic phenomenon, and a destination that keeps and the beginning of this millennium. Approximately 400 existing work-in halls and outdoor exhibition in the museum park, is a selection from a much larger property, often filled with a virtual wealth of contemporary artists' workshops. Heritage museum includes works of Romanian art in the second half of the nineteenth and twentieth-century avant-garde representatives Romanian and works of artists who formed a bridge between the first and second half of the century.

Galati Village Museum

It is situated at the entrance to Forest Garboavele containing specific a few huts surrounding area of the Lower Danube.

House of Collections

Hosts philatelic and numismatic collections. Is situated near the Memorial House of Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

Reservation and Zoo Garboavele

Both located at the northern exit of town. Garboavele Forest Zoo is included in the Natural Sciences Museum Complex. In the zoo can be seen various exotic species. Also riding enthusiasts can practice the sport at the Zoo, just as there are no horses specially trained for this purpose, but also an excellent riding equipped and trained personnel. Zoo theme was developed together with experts from European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, and aims at preserving rare animal and conservation education.

Danube Waves Beach

Located in south-western city, it has under management at ADP 2 large pools, three pools for children each with a slide, beach, restaurants and shower area. It is an excellent place to relax during the summer and beyond.


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