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United Arab Emirates
Shaikhdom of Fujairah
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Fujairah International Airport was constructed in 1987, making Fajuairah easy to access by air. Highways and a good road system make traveling around Fujairah by car a viable option. Fajairah is a 2-hour drive from Dubai. Fajairah is also accessible by bus and there are regular buses from Dubai and surrounding countries. The buses are cheap and the service is reliable, but men and women have separate seating areas. Taxis are another method of transport to reach Fujairah or to travel within the region. There are many taxis in the area and they're easy to catch. It is difficult to get around the city on foot, as there are few pedestrian facilities.

Key places to visit
Ain Al Madhab Gardens, Fujairah Fort, Fujairah Museum, Ottoman Mosque


Places to Visit

Ain Al Madhab Gardens

Ain Al Madhab Gardens are located in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, just outside the town of Fujairah. Fed by mineral springs, the warm sulfuric water is used in two swimming pools - one for women and the other for men.

The Ain Al Madhab Gardens are not only a mineral spa but feature a park area, the ruins of Fujairah Fort and Heritage Village, real-life displays of traditional houses, fishing boats, costumes, pottery and cookware.

An outdoor theatre is used for festivals including traditional singing and folklore dances during public holidays in Fujairah.

Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort, built in 1670, was badly damaged by a British in the early 20th C. Considered the oldest fort in the UAE, it has served as a defensive building and a home for the ruling family.

The Fujairah Fort is a mud brick structure with three major sections, several halls, one square tower and two round towers. The fort has been renovated and restored to its former glory. For many centuries it was the only stone building along the Fujairah coast.

Located on a hill at the edge of date gardens, the Fujairah Fort is surrounded by the remains of some old town houses.

Fujairah Museum

The Fujairah Museum is located south of the Fort, opposite the Ruler's Palace. Displays at the Fujairah Museum include artifacts found in archeological digs at Qidfa and Bithnah. Local and foreign archeologists have uncovered items dating back to early Bronze Age, over 4,500 years ago.

Exhibits at the Fujariah Museum include pieces made of bronze, steel, brass, silver and gold. Bronze and Iron Age weapons, painted pottery, carved soapstone vessels and pre-Islamic silver coins. The latest addition to the displays is Herbs and Folkloric Medicine.

An exquisite discovery in Qadfaa during archeological excavations is an ostrich's egg dating back 2200 years. The egg was used by local ancestors as a bowl and is still in very good condition.

Ottoman Mosque

Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest in the United Arab Emirates dating back 10 1446. The engineering features are a major accomplishment for the period of construction. The mosque was named for the historical town that embraced it for so many centuries. It is also known as the Ottoman Mosque, for the man who built it.

Al Bidyah Mosque, north of Fujairah, consists of a prayer hall with a prayer niche or Mihrab, pulpit, arches and openings. A central pillar divides the internal space in to four squares of similar dimensions. The pillar supports all four domes that can bee seen from the exterior.

The internal decoration of the mosque combines stone carvings, openings for ventilation and light with special shelves to house the Holy Quran.

The town of Al Bidyah, has been excavated to reveal that it has been inhabited for 4,000 years. A large Islamic graveyard, north of the village of Al Bidyah, contains a massive tomb dating back to the Iron Age. The tomb contains bones, fragments of pottery, metal arrowheads and other artifacts dating back to at least 1000 BC. Evidence has shown that the Portuguese also once occupied the village.

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December - May


July - September -> 42(°C) - Summer
December - March -> 22(°C) - Spring


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