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By Plane

There are two main airports serving eastern Norway, the larger one is oslo Gardermoen (OSL), which unfortunately is far north of oslo while Fredrikstad is far south of oslo. Nevertheless, there is a bus service (line F11) between Fredrikstad and the airport taking slightly over two hours. Ryanair flies to Rygge near Moss (30 minutes from Fredrikstad). Also Norwegian and a selection of charter companies service this airport. Some people find a good deal if they fly to Gothenburg instead, and take the train or drive from there. Gothenburg is even further from Fredrikstad than oSL is (though the difference in time is less than an hour), but sometimes the tickets might be better there.

By Train

Fredrikstad is served by the Norwegian State Railway on the oslo-Halden line. Also some trains to Gothenburg and onward connections.

By Bus

Hourly to Oslo via Moss by TimEkspressen. Several daily to Stromstad in Sweden, corresponding with a ferry to Sandefjord.

Key places to visit
Fredrikstad Fortress, Football Museum, Ostfold County Library, Sandesund bridge, old Town, Fredrikstad Stadium


Places to Visit

Fredrikstad Fortress

Fredrikstad fortress was built in Fredrikstad in 1663-1666 by engineer officer Willem Coucheron after approval by King Frederik II . The first commander was appointed January 6, 1662, it was Lieutenant Colonel Johan Eberhard Speckhan. Besides the garrison was from the 1730's to about the middle of the 1800s, slavery to the commander. In 1716 the fortress Tordenskjolds base during operations on the Swedish west coast. The only time the fort was in the game was when Sweden invaded Norway in 1814 and 4 August 1814 the fortress surrendered to the advancing Swedish troops. The Swedish forces had landed in the south of Krakeroy . The beskjot fortress from a ridge on Krakeroy that page was called Swedish Mountain , a name that continues to show on city map.

Football Museum

Football Museum has branches at Ullevaal Stadium and Fredrikstad Stadium . When the museum opened in 2002 it was voted oslo's coolest museum of Event : "A real experience happening also for the non football lovers." Football Museum's branch in Fredrikstad opened in autumn 2007 . Football Museum is a popular and unique museum attraction, where you also get to see Ullevaal Stadium from the inside Among the museum artifacts are found, among other "poles" of Drillo , Bronze team medals from 1936, women's national team European Championships, World Championships and olympic medals and the fabled dragon costume. In August 2008 Football Museum opened the exhibition "The dream of the Premier League . " The exhibition tells the story of Norwegian players' football careers in the English league system. There are exhibited costumes, shoes, medals, etc. from former Norwegian England Professionals.

Ostfold County Library

Ostfold County in Fredrikstad municipality is a county agencies under the Regional department-this is responsible for culture, regional planning and regional development. The business is legally enforceable and shall be headed by a County Manager that since 1990, Svein E. Nilsen.County library work for common solutions across the municipality and administrative boundaries so that the inhabitants of the region get the best possible library service. This is in terms of the cooperation project library ostfold, which gives citizens effective access to all public library services regardless of residence.County Library hosts a variety of courses and meetings primarily for library staff and is active in the dissemination of literature and reading pleasure.     

Sandesund bridge

Sandesund bridge, with a total length of 1,528 meters , Norway's third longest bridge . The bridge extends from Alvim in Sarpsborg municipality to Aarum in Fredrikstad municipality . The municipal boundary is the middle of the bridge. Sailing height is about 30 meters. The bridge crosses the Glomma and is really two bridges with two files in each direction. In parallel with the bridge there is a time-and sykkelbru, which is part of Glommastien .

old Town

old Town is the part of Fredrikstad was founded in 1567 and situated on the east side of Glomma . The square is a statue of founder Frederick II . old Town is Northern Europe's best preserved fortress town.

Fredrikstad Stadium

Fredrikstad Stadium is Fredrikstad Football Club's home ground. The plant was inaugurated on 14 April 2007 with the battle against the Football Club Lyn .Stadium is located on the "Vaerste" former Fredrikstad Mechanical Workshop on Krakeroy in Fredrikstad. Stadium was designed by Griff Architecture as after the idea was launched by the same company in 2003.

Right Time to Visit

July - January