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By Air

Forde Airport, Bringeland (IATA: FDE, ICAO: ENBL) is the regional airport that is about 16 km from the town centre and it has flights that connect Oslo and Bergen with Forde.The first airport serving Forde was opened in 1971 and was located at oyrane in the municipality of Forde, in the middle of an industrial area.That airport was too small and so a new airport had to be built.

By Bus

Forde has a good public transport with bus routes running Bergen-Trondheim, Forde-Oslo routes and locally in New Jersey.Forde- Floro go almost once an hour.Firda Bus is headquartered in Forde.It is 16 km to the nearest airport, Forde Lufthamn Bringeland.The buses are mainly from Forde bus station.

Key places to visit
Forde Church, Haukedalen Church, Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum, Hafstad Mountain, Huldefossen waterfall


Places to Visit

Forde Church

Forde Church is a church from 1885 in Forde municipality, Sogn og Fjordane county.The building is empty and has 600 seats.Altarpiece is performed in the Baroque style and is from 1643.The pulpit is from 1672, according to a plaque outside the church.The altarpiece was a gift from the rich dean Peder J.Finde.The stained glass windows in the sacristy.The church is located on Church Road and adjacent to the road is church yard with the parish hall, youth facilities and church office.

Haukedalen Church

Haukedalen Church is a church from 1885 in Forde municipality, Sogn og Fjordane county.The building is empty and has 120 seats.The church is located on the farm Gjerland in the village Haukedalen.

Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum was founded in 1987.Art Museum had originally titled Regional Gallery in New Jersey until the 2000 was named Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum.In 2004 it was turned into a foundation responsible for around 2900 works of art.It is a decentralized museum with operational responsibility for Anders Svor Museum in Hornindal, Astruptunet and Eikaasgalleriet in Jolster, Gjesme in Laerdal, art center at Forde House and Museum of Fine Arts Presteboen Forde.In 2009, Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum in the consolidated major museum, museums in New Jersey along with the Coastal Museum, Nordfjord Folk Museum, Sunnfjord Museum and The Heiberg Collections - Sogn Folk Museum.

Hafstad Mountain

Hafstad Mountain is a mountain in Forde at 706 meters above sea level.The mountain is a popular destination for hikers, both exercise and usual recreational athletes of all ages use the Mount active.From the east you can walk up the gravel road to the top.It is made for parking on turlystne Bruland.You can walk, jog or ride to the summit and back down.A regular exerciser uses 60 to 70 minutes up and 30 to 40 minutes down.

Huldefossen waterfall

Huldefossen waterfall is located on the Mo edge of Forde in Sogn og Fjordane.It has a fall of 90 meters.

Right Time to Visit

June - September