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By Bus

Feldkirch has had its own local bus network since 1993 which currently consists of 8 lines including buses to the north of neighbouring Liechtenstein.The bus system works together with Vorarlberg's bus system which provides several supra-regional lines starting and ending in Feldkirch.There's an additional line called "nightline" which connects different bars and discos all around Feldkirch.The nightline plies till about 4 o'clock am on weekends.

By Train

Feldkirch railway station lies on the main railway line through the Vorarlberg.Opened in 1872, it forms the junction between the Vorarlberg railway and the Feldkirch–Buchs railway.The station is owned and operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB).Feldkirch railway station is situated in Bahnhofplatz, in the northern Feldkirch district of Levis, between the Ardetzenberg and the Kanzele.Feldkirch is one of Vorarlberg's major railway stations. It also serves as a loading station for the motorail train from Feldkirch to Vienna, Graz and Villach.Additionally, Feldkirch is the border station of the line to Buchs; it is the only Austrian border station adjacent to a non-Schengen member, namely the Principality of Liechtenstein.

By Road

Feldkirch is through the connections-North (36) and Feldkirch-Frastanz to the Rhine Valley / Walgau motorway (A 14) connected to the south from Bludenz as S 16 by the Arlberg road tunnel after Tyrol leads.Like most cities in Feldkirch is suffering under the pressure of a high volume of traffic.From 2007 were searched in a large transparent planning process involving numerous variants to relieve the population of Feldkirch.A total concept consisting of road construction projects (4 tunnel arms Tisis, Frastanz, Tosters, Old Town Feldkirch open into a circular tunnel) and extensive support measures especially in the field of public transport was adopted in the meantime by the Municipal Corporation of Feldkirch.The project is now further developed as a city tunnel Feldkirch. The information needed to Bauumsetzung authorities pending.A Bauinangriffnahme is planned before 2015.

Key places to visit
Pool Bar Festival, shadow castle, Liechtenstein Palace, Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Feldkirch Festival, Gaukler festival, Wine Festival Feldkirch


Places to Visit

Pool Bar Festival

The pool bar Festival offers every summer in July and August for six weeks in addition to concerts, cinema, short films, cabaret, poetry slam, pop quizzes, fashion performances, discussions, etc.It's all happening, the former swimming pool in the Stella Matutina (see below) in rich field park, next to the city center.Every summer the all-new facility is determined by an international architecture competition.Also art and fashion competitions enrich the festival.

Shadow Castle
The shadow castle stands above the town of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg in Austria and is connected thereto by the former city wall.The high medieval castle is one of the best preserved castles in Central Europe dar.How often is assumed that the name goes on the defensive Schattenburg devices of the castle (Schaten = protection) back.The castle has one of the most important historic collections of arms of Austria.The castle was built around 1200 by Count Hugo I of Montfort (1228), founder of the city of Feldkirch.The shadow of the fortress was the seat of the Counts of Montfort to 1390th.The castle was built in the 14th Century, increasingly the rule from the center of the county (Montfort) Feldkirch and thus successor to Old Castle Montafon.Until the Appenzell War the castle remained, after two siege undefeated.

Liechtenstein Palace

stands in the town of Feldkirch in the eighth Schlossergasse.In the years 1658 to 1697 the building was at this address archducal Hubamt and was destroyed by fire in 1697.Thereafter, by Prince Johann Adam Andreas Liechtenstein built a palace in the baroque style and brought into use as a home office Liechtenstein.The palace was built in 1719, the administrative seat of the Lordship of Schellenberg (1699) and the County of Vaduz (1712).In 1774 it was sold by the Prince of Liechtenstein.This was followed by a brewery uses, guest house, spinning under Christian Getzner and as the seat of a reading society.In 1848, Andrew Knight acquired by Tschavoll, then Mayor of Feldkirch and manufacturer, the Palais.Mayor Anton Gohm later inherited the palace.The palace was in 1967 in the possession of the town of Feldkirch, and is used today as a city library and city archives as well as for exhibitions.Beading or ridge side of the building with gable roof has a sandstone portal with architravartiger roofed, the middle window on the main floor are suspected segmentbogig.The graffitierte frescoed facade and bears a coat of arms of the Prince of Liechtenstein.In the first Stock is a valuable wood coffered ceiling.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

is part of the historic old town.It is the largest Gothic church in Vorarlberg.With the founding of the diocese of Feldkirch is the church since 12 August 1968 cathedral.The church is located on the moat and was in the northeast of town behind the city wall was built and expanded due to space restrictions only two naves.The church is as old daughter church of St. Peter in Rankweil or of St. Petronilla was accepted into the Old City and Parish 1218. By 1286 the advowson went to the cathedral chapter in Chur.The church was consecrated in 1287 documented at St. Nicholas.

Feldkirch Festival

is a yearly large-scale cultural event in Feldkirch, Austria.The festival is held every year a different theme and includes theater performances, concerts and other cultural events.This year's festival will run from 28 May to 1 June 2008 under the motto "In contrast to hear and see different" instead.The festival is the successor of the Schubertiade which was held here 1991-2000 and since then in Black Mountain takes place.It is quite controversial since it by subsidies must be financed.

Gaukler festival

This is a recurring event for more than 20 years to the entertainers come from all over Europe in the medieval ambience to Feldkirch to various foods, performances and games to introduce from this same time.A similar event is the spectacle of Mont Fort which takes place a few weeks earlier.

Wine Festival Feldkirch

In July the far-take over the country's best and popular wine festival in Feldkirch the market street. The event was introduced in 1967 and initially called the Wachau wine festival.The catering companies present here one weekend a variety of wines.

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