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By Air

Faro's airport is located about four miles from the city centre and is serviced by bus numbers 14 and 16, running every 15 minutes. There is also a taxi rank situated outside of the Arrivals Hall at the airport. The airport is relatively busy and manages a large number of charter flights, especially from the UK. In recent years, the numbers of visitors from other European countries and some countries outside of Europe have increased as more scheduled, low cost and charter flights have become available.

By Rail

It's quite easy to reach Portugal by train from the UK. From London, you can take the Eurostar to Paris, and then the high-speed TGV to Irn, at the Spanish border. From there, the service is on the famous Sud Express, which involves an overnight journey to Lisbon and features sleeping-cars and couchettes, and a full-service restaurant and bar service. The overall trip takes just over 24 hours.

There are two main rail routes into Portugal; the first is from Paris via Bordeaux, Biarritz, Irn, San Sebastian and Guarda to Lisbon; and the second is from Irn to Madrid, crossing into Portugal at Marvo-Beir and then on to Lisbon. You will need to change in Lisbon for Faro and all destinations in the Algarve.

CP, the Portuguese national rail system, operates all of Portugals trains. Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Faro are all serviced by high-speed trains. Faros train station is located on Largo da Estao, in the northwestern corner of the centre. The station for intercity trains (such as service to Lisbon) is Estao Barreiro, located on the south shore of the Tagus River.

By Bus

You can get to Faro by coach service from most countries in Europe. The bus is a low-cost alternative to air travel, but due to the distances and time involved, this option can be quite demanding on your patience and endurance. The main bus terminal in Faro is at avenida da Repblica 106. Buses to destinations throughout the Algarve leave from this station and are operated by Eva Transportes. A regular service to Lisbon is also offered.

Key places to visit
Chapel of Bones, Igreja de So Francisco, Cathedral, Museu Municipal, Arco da Vila


Places to Visit

Chapel of Bones

The interior of the 19th century Chapel of Bones (Capela d'Ossos) is lined with human skulls and bones, 1,245 of them in total, making it qualify as Faros most bizarre attraction. It's open daily from May to September, and with somewhat reduced hours from October to April. There is a small entrance fee to the chapel.

Igreja de So Francisco

On Largo de So Francisco is the Church of San Francis. Viewing the church from the outside, there is no clue to the beauty of its Baroque interior. Glazed earthenware tile panels depict the life of St Francis, the churchs patron saint, and one of the chapels is richly gilded. It is open from Monday through Friday.


The center of the Old Town of Faro is dominated by the Cathedral. Large parts of the originally Gothic church were destroyed in the 1755 earthquake and rebuilt later; of the original building only the tower and a south window remain. Overall, the cathedral presents elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

The pleasing interior is light and almost basilica like. The nave has three aisles separated almost imperceptibly from one another by three slender pillars. Above the choir is a coffered barrel vaulted ceiling. The Capela de Santo Lenho to the right of the chancel contains the tomb of António Pereira da Silva, Bishop of the Algarve from 1704 to 1715.

Museu Municipal

Faro has three minor museums which you might find interesting, particularly on a rainy day. The Municipal Museum (Museu Municipal) is the most notable of the three, located at Praa Afonso III 14 and housed in a 16th century convent, the Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assuno. The two-storey cloister is worth visiting and there are many artefacts on exhibit in the museum, dating from the Roman era. A number of statues were excavated from the Roman ruins at Milreu. The museum is open from Tuesday through Friday.

Arco da Vila

At the south end of the Jardim Manuel Bivar stands the Arco da Vila, an arched gateway built by the architect Francisco Xavier Fabri, surmounted by a bell tower and a statue of Faro's patron saint, St Thomas Aquinus. Through the gateway lies the very attractive historical center of Faro, part of which is still surrounded by a 13th C. wall.

Right Time to Visit

July - August


July - August -> 28(°C) - Summer
January - February -> 9(°C) - Spring


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