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By air

Airports nearest to Fafe are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Ourilandia Airport (distanced approximately 13 km)
   Braga Airport (distanced approximately 28 km)
   Vila Real Airport (distanced approximately 42 km)
   Oporto Airport (distanced approximately 48 km)
   Alijo Airport (distanced approximately 61 km)

Key places to visit
Cine-Teatro de Fafe, Church of Sao Romao de Aroes, Sao Romao de Aroes, Moreira King, Aboim


Places to Visit

Cine-Teatro de Fafe

The Cine-Teatro de Fafe located in the city of Fafe, Portugal. The construction of the theater was an initiative of Summavielle Joseph Smith in 1923.It was inaugurated on January 10th of 1924 with the play The Great Love, the Company Aura Abranches.From 30s of the twentieth century was basically a local display of film. Over time, the building was to degrade and no longer be able to view the film and it was closed to the public in 1981, as determined by the General Directorate of Entertainment for threatening ruin.

Church of Sao Romao de Aroes

The Church of San Roman Aroes located in the parish of Sao Romao of Aroes, county Fafe, district of Braga, in Portugal. It was built during the second quarter of the thirteenth century and consecrated in 1237. Suffered over the centuries, various works that have been changing their primitive Romanesque features.It is classified as a National Monument since 1927 by Decree No. 14,425, published by DG No. 228 of October 15 of 1927. Intervention underwent restoration at the initiative of Directorate General of National Buildings and Monuments, tense was reopened for worship in 1935.

Sao Romao de Aroes

Aroes Roma is a village and parish Portuguese in the municipality of Fafe.In the year 1014 first appears in a document in Vimaranis Munumenta Historica, which refers to the parish of Aroes designating it as a commandment of Arones. There are those who understand that Aroes derives from Aron (the German ara, altar). Still others attribute the name Aroes a plant, the arum. However, the understanding is that this plant only appeared in the eighteenth century, when the eleventh century already knew Arones. Aroes is not, however, unique in two parishes of Fafe before there is also the counties (then) of Macieira de Cambra and Vila do Conde.

Moreira King

Moreira is one of the King parish Portuguese in the municipality of Fafe.It was, until the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Couto de Moreira of the King had, in 1801, 1387 inhabitants.


Aboim is a parish Portuguese in the municipality of Fafe. He belonged to the municipality of Headwaters de Basto, was incorporated into the municipality of Fafe by decree of December 31, 1853.

Right Time to Visit

May - September