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By train

from Budapest:
Budapest-Esztergom local train from Nyugati PU. (Western Railstation) about 45 km.
InterCity/EuroCity fast trains departing from Keleti PU. (Eastern Railstation) For example, the IC 170 runs from Budapest to Berlin with a stop in Sturovo, across the Danube from Esztergom. Note: the Sturovo railway station is outside the city, so expect a long walk to Esztergom from there.

By bus

Budapest-Dorog-Esztergom (45km) or Budapest-Visegrad-Esztergom (65 km) local far-distance Volan bus line from Arpad Bridge Volan bus station in Pest.
 HEV suburb train from Buda Batthyany Square till end-station in Szentendre, than Volan bus line Szentendre-Visegrad-Esztergom.

By boat

Daily boat line MAHART Passnave from Budapest Vigado Square at Pest.

By car

 From Budapest drive out in direction Buda north on road No 10 (Pilisvorosvar-Dorog-Esztergom) ca. 45 km
 From Budapest drive out in direction Buda north on road No 11 then turn left at Szentendre towards Pomaz and climb the Pilis hills to arrive at Esztergom ca. 50 km
 From Budapest drive out in direction Buda north on road No 11 and follow the Danube along (Szentendre-Visegrad-Esztergom) ca. 65 km
 From Slovakia: Bratislava-Komarno-Sturovo E 575, than local road: no. 63 and cross the Danube river at Sturovo
 From Vienna: E60, E75 highway, in Hungary M1 till way out at Komarom (9 km), than local road :no.10 and no. 11 till Esztergom

Key places to visit
Esztergom Basilica on castle hill, Mihaly Babits Museum, Dark Gate, Szechenyi square, Castle museum, The Kereszteny Muzeum/Christian Museum


Places to Visit

Esztergom Basilica on castle hill

The town's claim to fame and the largest basilica in the country. It was in a church formerly built on the same spot that the Hungarian king Vajk was baptised and from then on known as Saint Stephen. Entrance to the basilica is free, though you can pay extra to visit the crypts, cupola, and the treasury.

Mihaly Babits Museum

Mihaly Babits Museum (Babits-villa), Babits Mihaly u 11 (By car: Take Siszler u. opening from the main road). House of famous 20th century poet Mihaly Babits.

Dark Gate

The Dark Gate is a tunnel located under the artificial slopes of Castle hill, near the St. Adalbert's Basilica in Esztergom, Hungary.
The Dark Gate at night
The tunnel is 90 meters long, and it follows the line of the castle's former eastern walls. The entire tunnel is vaulted, and was built in Neo-classical style.Construction of the Dark Gate started in 1824 by Alexander Rudnay archbishop of Esztergom, two years after the foundation stones of the St. Adalbert's Basilica were laid. It got the name Dark Gate after the lack of lighting

Szechenyi square

Szechenyi square is one of the town's latest sights. It was completely rebuilt in 2006. It's the main square of Esztergom with mostly baroque buildings, fountains and restaurants.

Castle museum

Castle museum, Szent Istvan ter 1. It's next to the basilica. The castle was built on ancient Roman fundaments. Free.

The Kereszteny Muzeum/Christian Museum

The biggest ecclestial collection in Hungary. The museum is in the Primate's Palace in the Watertown part of town.

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