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Portugal (General)
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By air

Ermesinde Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport which is relatively close, in the neighboring municipality of Maia .

By road

In terms of accessibility, Ermesinde by its privileged location, benefits greatly by being near major highways in the region. The A4 , which has here its toll, A3 and A41 that are relatively close, it is the best example.

By railway

very important is the level of access to line-of-Way Iron Minho and Douro, as well as the extension of Leixoes, making it an important station.

Key places to visit
Chapel of St. Sylvester, Church of Santa Rita, Church of Ermesinde


Places to Visit

Chapel of St. Sylvester

The Chapel of St. Sylvester is a temple in Ermelo , Portugal . It has an estimated age of about 375 years. Pointing to the chapel as the oldest monument in the town of Ermelo and this was the first head of the city. In its lintel is the date "1711", but it is said that this date refers to a rebuild after years of neglect.It is clearly a monument-style romantic. Its input is constituted by three round arches, one in front and the other two facing north and south.

Church of Santa Rita

The Santa Rita Church or Church of St. Rita's Mighty Hand is located in the parish Portuguese of Ermelo , county Valongo district of Port .Construction began in the second half of the century. XVIII , the first stone was laid in 1749 . The design is Baroque .Is flanked by two bell towers and its portico is surmounted by a pediment broken by a triangular baroque niche where it is placed the image of St. Peter . Inside the church, there is the great gilded the side chapels, the altar and religious statuary.

Church of Ermesinde

The Church of Ermesinde located in the center of Ermelo. Its construction began in 1968 soon after the demolition of the Old Church. It is a building of Modern lines, constructed from concrete and masonry. Integrates a high chancel and a bell tower high. The altar is a unique beauty with modern lines and a crucifix and two meters tall wood. Also houses a chapel with the body of Christ lying surmounted by a cross and Our Lady of Sorrows. The church annually hosts several concerts and celebrations such as Easter concert. It has within it the patron saint of the town of Ermelo, S. Lawrence and Our Lady of Fatima

Right Time to Visit

June - August