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Pest Megye
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By train

Trains leave most often from Budapest Deli station (this train will also stop in Budapest Kelenfold). There are less frequent trains from the Keleti station also. Note that erd has three stations Erd felso , Erd, and Erd alsó (lower Erd). Not all the trains stop in all three so check before boarding. Journey time will be roughly 30 to 40 minutes.

By bus

There are a few options by bus. The easiest to take the frequent-running bus from Etele ter which will take you directly to Erd in about 25 minutes. There are less frequent buses that leave from Csepel, or you can also take the #3 from Móricz Zsigmond körter in Buda to Nagyteteny, and from there catch a 10 minute bus to Erd.

By car

Easiest by car to follow M1 or M7 highway from Budapest and leave at the exit of Erd. Routes 6 and 70 also cross through the town.

Key places to visit
St. Michael's Church, Hungarian Geographical Museum, Berze Garden, Fundoklia Valley, Minaret


Places to Visit

St. Michael's Church

Erd an important center of Catholicism in one of the eight main angel, Lucifer legyozojenek named after St. Michael's Catholic Church. Contemporary sources indicate that the building is the shrine of the 15th century, was also at this point.
The once active in the town of Capistrano monks first mentioned in records of aa 15th century places of worship, but only in the history of the Ottoman Empire from the time we know more. The building is now used loporraktarnak exploded but luckily the 18th Century family living here Illeshazy took care of putting the building's location, decoration of interior, and later the building's bell tower epítteteserol.

Hungarian Geographical Museum

In 1983 , in October, Erd opened Hungarian Geographical Museum is the geography of science and of Hungarian travelers, geographic exploration-related artifacts, manuscripts, letters, diaries, expedition reports, books, newspaper articles, works of art, personal bequests, search for, collect, preserve, research process and making public domain. Permanent exhibitions Temporary exhibitions next year is 2-3.

Berze Garden

Reach (Erd) the Ivy Street, Park City can be reached by a high stone walled garden in a protected forest, with the population of pine dominates. Once upon a time this is the pine of the last ice age (Wurm) formed during the extensive forests in this region, especially in the lower terrain. The climate warming after the eredeifenyoj the Hills and the Western Transdanubia retreat. The Reach-Tetenyi plateau is a consequence of the release deployment. The highly calcareous, limestone surface of the low productivity soils can thrive in the pine forest.

Fundoklia Valley

Reach-Park City tajkepileg most beautiful part of the Sarmatian limestone karst bevagodott aszovolgy the Fundoklia. The M7 motorway north of 1,962 people at the end of the valley near the surface of Erd accidentally discovered Paleolithic site "that is" mounsterien literacy in the broader sense of Neanderthal culture of the world-famous sites of Hungary.
The Fundoklia Valley and the surrounding area, about 25 protected plant species occur in more protected and gyíkfajnak cickanyfelenek and shelters, but also occurs in the wild snake. "


"The Roman military road track next to rise to the Turkish world bygone memories of citations, XVII. Century was built mosque minaret. The 23 m high Erd minaret in Hungary Turkish towers between zomoksegevel stands out. The body 12 angular shaped. Circle Balcony to your 53 pieces of varying heights nicked spiral staircase leads up to. The illumination of the tower stairs wall built résnyi vents. "

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