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North Holland
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By air

Nearest Airports to Enkhuizen are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
 Lelystad Airport (distanced approximately 33 km)
 Den Helder - De Kooy Airport (distanced approximately 41 km)
 De Kooy/Den Helder Airport (distanced approximately 41 km)
 Texel Airport (distanced approximately 54 km)
 De Ridder Beauregard Parish Airport (distanced approximately 55 km)

By train

Enkhuizen by train linked to Hoorn and Amsterdam. The N506 connects to Enkhuizen, Hoorn, the N302 provides the connection with highway A7 . The N302 runs through the Houtribdijk that Markermeer separates the IJsselmeer. The dike connects Enkhuizen to Lelystad . The dike is a big locks and a Naviduct , which ensures that cars and other traffic to pass unhindered.

Key places to visit
City Hall Enkhuizen, Zuiderzeemuseum, Snouck Loos Park, Spui House, Farmer Boom Boom and Old Shire, Seawall, Westerkerk, Zuiderkerk


Places to Visit

City Hall Enkhuizen

The Hall of Enkhuizen, the town of Dutch place Enkhuizen . It was built between 1686 and 1688, designed by architect Steven Kool Venne .The town hall, that the masterpiece of Venne Cabbage is,was built at a time when the greatest economic and cultural prosperity of Enkhuizen, from about 1580 to 1650, already passed.The design of Venne Kool, an example of Dutch classicism , reminiscent of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam . This is no accident: Venne Kool was a pupil of Jacob van Campen , the architect of the Palace.On the interior, which largely still in their original style, are well-known artists of the time worked, including Ferdinand Bol and Romeyn de Hooghe .On the facade of City Hall finds a book with the beginning of the text of the charter of 1356 in which William V , Count of Holland, city charter granted to Enkhuizen. Left on the wall hangs the sonnet that Joost van den Vondel wrote on the Red Horse, the gun that since the wall and that in 1622 the Dunkirk pirates were captured.Higher on the façade will be the motto Candide et constant, which is often translated as honest and Steadfast.


The Zuiderzee Museum is a museum in Enkhuizen.The Zuiderzee Museum was founded in 1948 to the fishing culture of the former Zuiderzee from the period 1880-1932 to capture. The museum has several years the target of Dutch art, culture and heritage at the interface of land and water present. The museum consists of an indoor museum and an outdoor museum.The outdoor museum was established in 1983 added to the Zuiderzee Museum. It consists of a public park with authentic old buildings from the former Zuiderzee area. There are a mill , lime kiln , eel smokehouse, candy shop, a pharmacy , a church, a wooden shoe factory , a cheese warehouse, a school, a barber and a port. From April to November there is plenty of activity in the outdoor museum with typical old Dutch activities, such as Dutch games, rope and a wooden shoe boat making. There are also demonstrations of old crafts .

Snouck Loos Park

The Snouck Loos Park in Enkhuizen is one of the first social housing in the Netherlands. It opened on July 5, 1897, consists of 50 'working class' and a 'home supervisor'.The construction of Snouck Loos Park is funded by the Snouck Loos Fund , administrator of the estate of Margaret Mary Snouck of Loosen , the last living of six daughters of Cornelia Petronella van Loosen and samuel Snoeck .
In her will she had stated that such was the will to build and maintain workers' "if the city wants to cede lands. "Each house of considerable size and space with three beds and sufficient rainwater tank and low prices to rent to families through sustainable industriousness and good behavior to excel others," according to the will of Margaret Mary. Or, you belong or not the wealthier social strata, but your behavior in real life it was important to be eligible for a rental in Snouck Loos Park.

Spui House

Spui House in Dutch instead Enkhuizen is a building on the spuisluis that the water of the Zuiderhavendijk the IJsselmeer connects. From this house was spuisluis operated. The building dates from the seventeenth century , and the facade is decorated with the arms of Horn , Prince Maurice of Orange , West Friesland , Enkhuizen and Medemblik . The dormer is set in the 19th century. Today it is home to the house boat Bottle Museum, the largest collection of bottles boats in the world exhibits.

Farmer Boom Boom and Old Shire

The Farmer and the Old Shire Tree Tree are two water gates in the Dutch town of Enkhuizen . These ports, which were closed by a wooden partition, and thus could act as a lock, built in 1593, when a major urban expansion in the current fortification was built. The Tree Farmer is on the city side of the northern canal Boer, called the Angle Boer, and the Old Shire Tree is out of town at the Old Shire.Besides these two "excludes trees" was still third, the Chain Tree at the former Chain Gate to Zuiderdijk . The Chain Tree was demolished for the construction of the railway-Zaandam Enkhuizen . All three ports were at a similar construction.


The seawall is a brick wall in the Dutch place Enkhuizen the dam forms the eastern part of downtown.The wall was in 1608 built on a low embankment which dates from 1567, and had both a sea-defense as a defensive function.The embankment on which the seawall is, like most parts of the West Frisian Omringdijk originally one whose dam was. In 1615 was the seawall, near the present Rue Company, made the Staverse Gate, traditionally the only passage in the wall. The gate fell into disrepair, but was rebuilt in 1833.


The Western or St Gomarus Church is a Dutch Reformed church in Enkhuizen , who as a Catholic church dates from the 15th century and in 1572 was acquired by the reformers. From that moment the church was called the Western Church. The church is in the Top 100 of the Dutch UNESCO monuments .The church consists of three aisles, each 10 m wide, and the church is 70 m long.


The South St. Pancras Church, or a tweebeukige, late Gothic hall church in the Dutch place Enkhuizen.The construction of the church, dedicated to the martyr Pancratius must around 1423 began when, in 1422 the inhabitants of Enkhuizen leave given to Duke John of Bavaria to the outside the situated church in 1421 flooded East Village to break down and a new church build within the dike. The church was substantially completed in 1458, also the lower part of the tower was completed. The upper part of the tower, 75 meters high, was finished in 1524. The tower contains a carillon of the brothers Hemony . Of the current bells are about twenty original.

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May - October


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