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Nearest airports to Elverum are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Hamar Stafsberg Airport (distanced approximately 28 km)
   Oslo - Gardermoen Airport (distanced approximately 80 km)
   Kjeller Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)
   Torsby Fryklanda Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)

Key places to visit
Norwegian Forestry Museum, Glomdal Museum, Elverum Art Gallery, Christian fortress ruins


Places to Visit

Norwegian Forestry Museum

Norwegian Forestry Museum (formerly the Norwegian Forestry Museum) in Elverum is a national museum of outlying industries forestry, hunting and fishing, and one of the museums in Hedmark county museum. The museum is an annual event, the Nordic hunting and fishing days with up to 30 000 spectators and participants, while the total number of visitors is 112,000 per year and is one of the largest museums in Norway.Klevfos Industry Museum in Loten and admission to Sorlistoa in Osen in amot is part of the Foundation Norwegian Forestry Museum.

Glomdal Museum

From the eastern side of Glomma (the Museum of Norwegian Forestry - Skogmuseet), a pedestrian bridge across the Klokkerfoss waterfall to Prestoya, and then a bridge across the Prestfossen falls leads to the Glomdal Museum, one of the largest Norwegian outdoor museums, with numerous houses from the mountain parishes of osterdalen and the lowland districts of Solor on the Glomma river valley. The exhibition includes a library with numerous books, including handwritten medieval manuscripts.

Elverum Art Gallery

Elverum Art Gallery is a privately owned gallery is located in Elverum. The gallery was opened on 25 november 2005. It organizes exhibitions and also has sales commission of a selection of paintings, prints, ceramics, sculpture and glass art.

Christian fortress ruins

Christian Brothers at the Fortress overleir in Elverum was built in 1683 by Field Marshal Gustav Wilhelm Wedel Jarlsberg under the name Hammerberg bulwark. During King Christian 5 s visit 14 June 1685 the fortress was the name of Christian Brothers. Today marked the site of ruins, and a large water tower that supplies Elverum center with water.The fortress was built on a hill east of the Glomma as one of several military facilities in the area to protect the road to Hedemarken against the Swedish attacks.

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