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By Air

Dusseldorf International Airport is one of the three largest commercial airports in Germany, and is situated around four miles north of the city centre. From the airport, there is regularly scheduled service from 14 domestic destinations, 47 cities in other European countries and from 190 international airports. Most domestic flights take 1 hour or less. For example, you can fly from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf in about 45 minutes or from Berlin or Munich in around 1 hour.

By Rail

If you choose to travel by train, there is service from London, Brussels and Cologne (Köln) to Dusseldorf. From other cities in Germany, there is service almost every hour. Along the Rhine River, the trip from Cologne is only 25 minutes, and from this direction, there are also trains from Koblenz and Frankfurt. From Hamburg, it is a 4 hour journey, with train service along this route also available from Dortmund, Essen and Bremen. From Frankfurt-am-Main, the travel time is about 2 hours, 30 minutes, and from Munich, around 7 hours.

By Bus

From other countries in Europe, you can use the services of Eurolines buses, which travel daily from Paris (9 hours) and Warsaw (18 hours). They also provide service from London twice weekly (9 hours) and from Prague (13 hours) three times per week.

Within Germany, the largest bus companies in the Dusseldorf region are Bandroch GmbH and Adorf GmbH. Their buses service the small towns in the Rhineland. Most buses, from all starting points, arrive in Dusseldorf on the northern side of the Bahnhofplatz.

Dusseldorf hosts many fairs and exhibitions annually, and chartered buses transport passengers directly to the site from the airport. These buses can be boarded in front of Arrivals.

By Ferry

From the UK, you can drive to Dover and take the car ferry to Calais. The ferry crossing takes 1 hour, 15 minutes. The drive from Calais to Dusseldorf should take less than 5 hours. An alternative, if you’re driving from London and would like a shorter drive, is to drive to Harwich and then take the ferry to the Hook of Holland. The crossing time is 3 hours, 40 minutes. The drive to Dusseldorf from the Hook of Holland is 165 miles.

Key places to visit
Rhine Embankment Promenade, Hofgarten, Town Hall (Rathaus), Knigsallee, Carlsplatz


Places to Visit

Rhine Embankment Promenade

Particularly when the weather is fine, you can enjoy a walk along this promenade on the Rhine, along with many of the locals. There are spectacular views across the river, most notably of the modern architecture of new Dusseldorf and of the lovely homes in one of the city’s premier residential areas. You’ll also find plenty of art and attractions to divert your attention along the way.


The Düsseldorf city center is bounded on the north by the large Hofgarten, a park originally laid out around 1770. On its south side are the Academy of Art (Kunstakademie), the Opera Haus (Deutsche Oper am Rhein), the Theater (Schauspielhaus; 1968-70) and the high-rise Thyssen Building (Thyssen-Hochhaus).

Town Hall (Rathaus)

The Old Town Hall is a Renaissance structure found at the Marktplatz in the Aldstadt. When you visit the Rathaus, you will note that it consists of three buildings, which were constructed in different periods. There is a guided tour, free-of-charge, providing interesting information on many features of the complex including the Jan-Wellem room, the entry hall’s 380 furnace plates and the council’s silverware.


Königsallee, on the edge of the Old Town, is known as one of the world’s most luxurious boulevards. The landscaping alone attracts many tourists, as do the high-end specialty shops and designer boutiques, elegant restaurants and hotels. Some of Dusseldorf’s best hotels are on Königsallee or in the immediate adjacent area.


There is a market here, open from Monday through Saturday, which seems to be constantly busy. It’s actually a former farmers’ market, where, today, you can buy gourmet delicacies or just enjoy looking over the array of all that’s on offer. Just past the market is the lovely church of St Maximilian, which is situated in a small square of its own.

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