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Departamento de Durazno
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By Air

Santa Bernardina International Airport (IATA: DZO, ICAO: SUDU) is the airport serving Durazno, Uruguay.Some of its facilities are shared with the Tte. 2 Mario W.Parallada Air Force Base of the Uruguayan Air Force.The airport is presently dedicated to general aviation.Currently no scheduled flights operate at this airport.The airport is located 3 km (2 mi) from downtown Durazno.

By Bus

There is a regular bus to and from Durazno from Montevideo with departures all day long.The trip takes about two and a half hours each way.You can just walk around, it's a small city.There are taxis waiting at the bus terminal though.

Key places to visit
Casa Del General, Sports museum, Durazno Zoo, Christopher Colombus Monument, Casa Museo de Rivera, Hispanic World Park, El Sauzal Beach


Places to Visit

Casa Del General

The regional museum with rooms about Uruguayan archaeology, local history and Gaucho art. The archaeological collection is planned to move to a new Charrua Museum at the main entry to Durazno.

Sports Museum

Only if you are very interested, it's far from a spectacular museum. Located in Gral. Manuel Oribe, near the plaza.

Durazno Zoo

Free entrance, many different animals like monkeys, lions, tigers, birds and more.Some of the cages for the animals are a bit small, though, you should make the keepers aware about it.eaving the city through Route 5, the Municipal Zoo is located in the middle of a 10-hectare venue.The zoo lodges around 240 species of animals and fulfills the aim of protecting wildlife and improving breeding. There are cougars, anteaters, lions, leopards, hippos, monkeys and toucans, among many others.

Christopher Colombus Monument

This particular monument was made by the immigrants in 1892, when a new anniversary of the arrival of Colombus in America was being celebrated.The work was completed as a result of the joint effort made by the neighbors of the village who had this innovative idea while thinking about leaving their legacy for the future generations.It is important to pay attention to the details on the monument and to learn about its history and formation so that it does not go unnoticed like just another monolith in a square.And so it was how in October 1992, expectations filled the city.A public ceremony was attended by all citizens.Speculations about the content and the existence of the box generated myths which were dispelled at the moment of opening the sphere.Today, this block of granite is the pride of Durazno and it will be protected with great expectations until the right time comes for it to be opened once again.

Casa Museo de Rivera

So called because its construction was ordered by General Fructuoso Rivera back in 1835 to be used as his residence- is located opposite Independencia Square.These walls witnessed the assumption of General Rivera’s second administration in March, 1839 a unique event in Uruguay - and then became the seat of the National Executive Branch until 1842.Today, it is a part of the historical heritage of the City of Durazno and it was turned into a museum in 1992.The very ancient house treasures materials from the native past of Uruguay in its spacious rooms which have been rescued from several points in the country and it displays part of the documents used by Rivera during his administration.An entire room tells the story of his life and work. His origins and his remarkable career in the militia until he became president are the most interesting topics presented.

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