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By Air

Airport Dunaujvaros the city's airport is located 9 km south of the airport in an unlit, grass runway is 950 meters.The airport is privately owned (Dunaferr Flying Club) so use only the owner's permission, except in emergencies.

By Train

The city is also accessible by train, Retszilas and Pusztaszabolcs from both.The MAV -2009-2010's agenda is the introduction of two hours flying a pair of New Town and the Danube, Budapest Deli Railway Station between.Dunaujvaros Pusztaszabolcs-Dunaujvaros (No. 42), the route lies.As the line Pusztaszabolcstol only so far is electrified, so Retszilas to / from passenger trains Bz gear, travel, because these sections villamosítatlanok.

By Bus

Dunaujvaros the transport of Alba Volan carried out mainly local and secondly inter-city buses and coaches.Budapest People's Park and Dunaujvaros 20-45 minute bus ride - most of them this is not the station they are quick flights.Such buses running time of 45 to 100 minutes some of them in the coach operates.

By Road

Dunaujvaros excellent transportation facilities.Affected by 6-inch and 62 highway, west of the 6219's the road that Sarbogarddal connects the city and the M8 motorway.In the summer of 2006 was handed over to the M6 motorway making it even easier to reach Budapest (using the M0 motorway).The Dunaujvaros and Boly transfer section between the 2010th was on March 31.

By Ferry

The city in the eastern part of North-South direction, crossed the Danube, it can also be reached by sea.It has a station ship, a port and an industrial revkikotovel.The city and Szalkszentmarton between the ferry no longer runs.The industrial harbor in Port-bay regularly held legal drag racing.The Mahart kozlekedtetett hydrofoils had Budapest and the Danube New Town, but it has been discontinued.

Key places to visit
Lutheran Church, Trinity Church, Reformed Church, Baracsi travel Arboretum, Pentele Bridge


Places to Visit

Lutheran Church

Big Tom Ybl-winning architect.The church floor area of an oval, red brick.The three-nave church tower, vicarage and the rectory is connected.The brick pavement in some places copper and wood elements complemented.The egg-shaped floor plan and the infinity symbol of life.The building is mostly plain and curved forms of the mass of six.

Trinity Church

Built in 1864 and the neo-Romanesque three-nave church.27-meter-high bell tower of three lives.The largest 377 kilograms and sound for b1.

Reformed Church

Szabo Ybl-winning architect was built between 1982 and 1985.The building steel structure refers to the local steel production but the inside is a star shaped structure of the reformed symbolism to enforce.In 1917 he began the collection of a church building fund.In 1932, one could buy a house for the Reverend.The service will be one of the public school classroom was.The old vicarage built a new house soon, so the old part of the building became the church hall.1985 has been used for their new church the congregation.

Baracsi travel Arboretum

The Dunaujvaros Baracsi on Arboretum Road, also known as Kadar Valley Arboretum protected nature reserve which is managed by the Danube Nett Ltd, particularly the forestry manager.The Arboretum is free.Groups by appointment accepted.The Lower Cape Creek north of the arboretum is connected to a sharp bend in the Kadar valley along the creek so we can walk around the arboretum.The city alaptalaja the loess these are high quality chernozem soil formed which is typical of the botanical garden soils.The arboretum is located in the heart of the Kadar Valley, south of Garden City, west and east of the Peace district is bounded by the Technical part of the city.Extent of 1.57 hectares.

Pentele Bridge

The bridge is part of the Danube along the M6 and derivatives, the 6-inch main road and the Danube on the left bank of the east bypass Dunavecse 51 main road connecting the highway.Also known Dunaujvaros Bridge and M8 bridge over the Danube as well.Construction in 2004.on September 17 signed the contract but the original, 2006.of 30 November delivery time instead of 2007.on March 13 reached a structure ready for use.The population is one day in 2007.dated July 23, before the official transfer could take possession of the new bridge.

Right Time to Visit

August - November