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By Air

Airports nearest to Dunakeszi are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Budapest Deli Railway Airport (distanced approximately 19 km)
Budapest Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)
Tokol Airport (distanced approximately 33 km)
Lucenec Airport (distanced approximately 92 km)
Kecskemet Airport (distanced approximately 92 km)

By Train

Dunakeszi first railway line passes through our country: the 70's number.Which the Western Railway Station - Vac between the first phase in 1847 was handed over.The 1846 -launched in the first train traveled Szechenyi well.The Western-Vereeniging-Vac - Underhill Farm is a stop line at work.

By Road

north-south direction through the eastern outskirts of the city's No. 2 (E77) highway.In the 1990s, was built in the second half of the 2 / a numbered highway.Built in the M0 ring road, and 2 / b Phare support of phase as well.

By Ferry

a city on the island of Szentendre (Horany) a regular ferry service connects.The Danube as a major international water route plays an important role in river navigation.

Key places to visit
Church of St. Michael, St. Emeric's Church, Dunakeszi lower, Late Roman port and harbor, Danube, Park Funeral


Places to Visit

Church of St. Michael

The capital from the main road from their first two towers of the St. Michael's Church building is in sight, which dominates the city.With more than 250 years ago (1756) built and in 1944 in Baroque style church expanded the city's main architectural value.The St. Michael's Church is located two minutes walk from Heroes of the Statue of artistic finish, the first World War commemorating the victims.

St. Emeric's Church

The other side of the railway, tunnel, named after the square towers, built between 1935-1939 St. Emeric Church, the nation's first "paladin church".The neo-Romanesque buildings surround the main interest of Zsolnay tiles encrusted towers and beautiful like the early Christians bazilikakra internal architecture.

Dunakeszi lower

Worthwhile detour to Dunakeszi towards the bottom where the Underhill-farm ralelhetunk a thirteenth.century Church of.The beautifully refurbished in romepulet Dunakeszi medieval temple.

Late Roman port and harbor

Danube line 28-32.The typical Roman kikotoerodok - one central and two corner towers - the typical specimens, which in some places to a height of 140 cm of the walls remained.These forts formed the left bank of the Danube (ie falling into enemy territory) castrum contra-s range which of these members I Valentinian the Emperor ordered.


The riverbank leerve can spend pleasant moments on the promenade, with restaurants, pastry shops are waiting for the beauty of the river gyonyorkodoket.The Horanyi harbor near the city's Roman monuments, the remains of the Limes fortification system.The area to explore and present to render folyamatban.Ugyancsak now is the start of the Danube shore bike path or orally to also reach the city from tourists.

Park Funeral

The town visitors for the interesting sights can be found along the main road, the well-kept old town cemetery, the Park Funeral.The oldest gravestone dates from 1841.The park is located in the City '56 Freshman of the monument which is Stephen's work in Poland.Also in the park in the eighteenth.century built St. Stephen's chapel, which is one of the chapels in the village a fine example of Baroque.

Right Time to Visit

November - February