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By plane

Either Oslo airport Gardemoen (IATA: OSL) or Sandefjord airport Torp . They are both approximately one hour driving from Drammen. From Oslo airport Gardermoen there are several direct trains. There are 3 airport express trains per hour, these cost NOK 250,- one way and take exactly one hour. Then there's one InterCity and one regional train per hour, leaving the airport at 08 and 38 respectively, which take about 1hr 15mins and cost NOK 182,- one way.

By rail

Most long-distance trains from Oslo travelling in the western and southern directions pass through Drammen. The following line passes Drammen: the Oslo-Skien line, the Oslo-Bergen line and the Oslo-Kongsberg-Kristiansand-Stavanger line. Drammen also has frequent local trains from Oslo.

By car

E18 from Oslo, Larvik and Kristiansand. It is a 40 min drive from Oslo, depending on the traffic. E134 connects Drammen with Kongsberg. E134 continues to Notodden and Haugesund.

Key places to visit
Bragernes Church, Drammen Museum, Konnerud new church, Forests ancient church, Stromsgodset Church, Konnerud old church, Forests church, Hillside church


Places to Visit

Bragernes Church

Bragernes Church is a church from 1871 in Drammen municipality, Buskerud county. The church was consecrated in 1871 . It was designed by Ernst Norgrenn in Gothic Revival style.The altarpiece "The Resurrection" was painted by Adolph Tidemann . It has been copied in many other Norwegian churches. Church organ is 38 votes and built in the romantic style of the Danish organ builder Carsten Lund .Bragernes Church is located at the end of Church Street north of Bragernes square in the city of Drammen. The tower is 64 meters.The old Bragernes church, built in 1708 , was on what later became known as Old Church Place west of Bragernes square. It burned down during the fire in Drammen in 1866 .

Drammen Museum

Drammen Museum of Art and Cultural History is a museum on Marienlyst in Drammen.The museum includes Marienlyst farm , a hobby farm of approx. 1770 , the museum building from 1930 with the museum's management, permanent exhibitions and collections, and Lyche Pavilion from 1990 with the gallery, exhibitions and museum cafe, Halling yard, with 5 old houses, the oldest from 1760's. The museum also includes the two largest surviving summer residences in Drammen, Austad farm and Gulskogen farm .The museum's collections come from all Buskerud and covers areas such as folk art and crafts , industry , transport, agriculture , art , costumes and costumes , church art and industry. In the main building is the beautiful rose painted wooden coffins and the creation of Hallingdal and Numedal , city furniture, Norwegian Baroque silver from the 1700's ,Norwegian and Northern European art glass and a historical exhibition of Drammen

Konnerud new church

Konnerud new church, the daily called Konnerud Church, is a working church , built of brick, located on Konnerud in Drammen , Buskerud county. Church Legal belong Konnerud church Konnerud parish and Forests parish, Drammen prostitution and Tunsberg diocese . Access to the site is via Fv36 and Fv33 . The church was consecrated on 6 October 1996 by Bishop Sigurd Oseberg . The need for a new church was urgent as the population of Konnerud grew from about 3,700 in the early 1970 's to just under 10,000 in the late 1990 's. The church has 300 seats, including the adjacent parish hall has room for 500 Moreover, a church living room with space for 40, conference room, vestry and storage. In the church basement floor are eight offices for church staff, classrooms, meeting room, basement room, kitchen and offices for the church nursery. When the church was completed it had cost 23 million. Architect's Harald Hille, Oslo . There is no cemetery in connection with the church.

Forests ancient church

Forests old church is a church of stone from the Middle Ages on the farm Hanaval in Drammen municipality, Buskerud county. The construction year is estimated to be between 1200 and 1220 and the church is thus one of Drammen's oldest buildings. Church was 1700's a votivkirke . Access to the site is via Fv33 .Like many medieval churches in Norway, Forests old church built on a highly visible place in the landscape.

Stromsgodset Church

Stromsgodset church is a wooden church built in a rectangular form, from 1843 on Stromsgodset in Drammen municipality, Buskerud county. Stromsgodset church is located south of Drammen River and stretches from Lower Spokes municipality. The church is located on Sund mound on the south side of Drammenselvens lower races, on the road between Greenland and Prof.. Smith Avenue. The church seats 240 people.

Konnerud old church

Konnerud old church is located on Konnerud in Drammen municipality, Konnerud parish of Forests parish , Tunsberg diocese , Buskerud county. It was built in 1858 and has 150 seats. Access to the site is via Fv36 .

Forests church

Forests church is a church in Forests parish in Drammen in Buskerud County. Forests are part of Forests parish in Drammen prostitution and Tunsberg diocese . The church is built of brick stone, it has 300 seats and was inaugurated on 9 December 1885 by Bishop Carl Essendrop . The altarpiece is a copy of Adolph Tidemand "Christi Daab" where the original is located in Trinity Church in Oslo . The painting is signed C. Brown. Access to the site is via Fv33 and Fv34 .

Hillside church

Hillside church is a church from 1967 in Drammen municipality, Buskerud county.The structure is of brick and has 350 seats.

Right Time to Visit

January - March