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By Air

A small airport is located at nearby Hohenems.The closest commercial airport is located with the Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein in Altenrhein, Switzerland.

By Train

Dornbirn's railway station connects is an important stop for all trains from west to east Austria.The station Dornbirn the OBB in Vorarlberg rail transit station is a pure transport links rather unimportant - because of the relatively high frequency passenger truly captured in this train station every passing passenger trains. There are three railway stations in the municipality (hazel, Dornbirn and Shors Hatlerdorf), which are served only by regional trains. In advance of World Gym 2007 Dornbirn railway station was rebuilt and modernized, as was the heavily used bus stop put Dornbirn Shors.

By Road

Located in the center of the Rhine valley, Dornbirn is an important junction of regional and interregional bus lines, connecting Bregenz to the north, Feldkirch to the south, and the Bregenzerwald to the east.The A14 Rheintal freeway/motorway (Autobahn) passes by to the west.The Achrain tunnel, opened in 2009, directly connects Dornbirn/Haselstauden with the Bregenzerwald - Alberschwende.The city has an excellent network of city buses.

By Bus

The city bus Dornbirn is the heart of public transport in Dornbirn.As a purchaser the municipality of Dornbirn.The coordination and management is operated by the Busoffice Winkler. The lines of buses and bus ride and travel Rhomberg.In 2004 there was a serious change in the alignment with the opening of the new bus terminal at the station. Also in 2010, was changed to coincide with the timetable change in the contours of the OBB Dornbirn city bus. Since then, the station is served by all city bus routes. This will result in improved interchanges to the trains of OBB and the lines of Landbus lowlands .Originally, none of the buses was equipped with an electronic passenger information system. Since spring 2007, but these were retrofitted in most buses.The uniform, red-painted bus fleet originally consisted of Neoplan 4010 NF 4009 NF and two who were replaced from 2002 by Neoplan Centroliner NF 4411. Since 2009, the buses were replaced with Solaris Urbino 10th Currently 20 buses are in use Solaris.

Key places to visit
Art Space Dornbirn, Rolls-Royce Museum, Nativity Museum, Red House Dornbirn, Inatura Museum


Places to Visit

Art Space Dornbirn

is an institution in the field of contemporary visual art exhibitions and performing plans.The focus of the art space Dornbirn is located on the theme "Art and Nature". Underneath the sensual, reflective and artistic and analytical treatment of the concept of nature, with a contemporary feel and natural breaks in the tension between natural and artificial worlds of perception is to be understood.The venue is the assembly hall of the former works in the Municipal Garden Frill Dornbirn. The company was a major turbine operating in the Austria-Hungarian monarchy. In 1893, the great Monateghalle was built of brick, since the number and dimensions of the turbine wheels and plants growing and urgent need for more space was needed. The hall is a length of 30 meters and a width of 14 meters, a total area of ​​440 m², the exhibition area covers about 350 square meters. The height of 11.5 meters and the large entrance gate makes the assembly hall passable for trucks.

Rolls-Royce Museum

is a museum in the plot Gütle in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg is the largest brand Rolls-Royce museum in the world in question.In St. Gallenkirch Montafon born Franz Vonier founded in 1968 , Klaus a Rolls-Royce repair shop and built up a collection of cars from the years 1923 to 1939.In 1999, this collection of the family automobile was made Vonier with the opening of the museum accessible to all.In the museum can be found next to some 70 to 80 Rolls-Royce vehicles as original exhibits and hundreds of original parts and accessories, pictures and literature. The vehicles are mostly ready to drive and also (limited) as loans to special events and trips used to be. The repair shop is in the context of a guided tour.A particular focus of the museum management also lies in a comprehensive coverage of the history of each vehicle and display.

Nativity Museum

is located in the "bells blame" at the entrance of the Gutle Rappenlochschlucht.It was established in 2003 opened.The collection includes more than 150 nativity scenes from 4 continents.It is however exhibited only a portion of the crib (about 100 to 120) - the cribs are replaced annually.The number of crib grows.Carrier is the Krippenverein Dornbirn.A specialty is the so-called "crib mirror" in which by clever arrangement of mirrors a much deeper impression than fact.

Red House Dornbirn

is the symbol of the Austrian city of Dornbirn.At Dornbirn Market Square next to the parish church of St. Martin -standing, was the wooden, in the style of a Rhine Valley house built building erected in 1639 and is now one of the attractions of the city.The building is in the center of the city just southwest of the town square and lying beside the parish church, in the municipality market located. In 1639 Michael established Danner and his wife Verena, the stately Rhine House and used it first as a residential house, guest house and as a dance center. Even today, the Red House is therefore managed as a guest operating business. Subsequently, the building developed into a center of the square Dornbirner municipal politics. The staircase from the Red House was often utilized for official announcements and the most important event in the medieval history of Dornbirn - the ransom of the Count of Ems in 1771, were freed by the Dornbirner of the Ems country's government - was held at the Red House.

Inatura Museum

is a natural history museum in the Austrian city of Dornbirn.It was in the year 2003 from the former Vorarlberg natural phenomenon and has been established on a former factory site in the middle of Dornbirner new city parks.It is one of three national museums in Vorarlberg and is considered the largest and most modern natural history museum in the Lake Constance area.The museum houses a documentation center about the nature of Vorarlberg as well as a so-called interactive exhibition.The exhibition concept is the inclusion of live animals in front of the Museum of Nature. Offered will include changing exhibition themes, nature films, interactive games and a so-called walk-in "stage" as interaction space for visitors.Following the example of marked trails in nature follow a "white thread" through the four habitats - mountains, forests, water and city. But that's not enough, try the inatura the world of engineering and physics to make tangible in the truest sense of the word. On the way through the museum one encounters numerous interactive stations that invite you to try out and play.

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