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Donetsk Oblast
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By Air

In addition to public and rail transport, Donetsk has an international airport.It was constructed in the end of the 1940s to the beginning of the 1950s.The whole airport complex was finished in 1973.The city-based DonbassAero airline operates the airport.

By Train

Donetsk's Main Railway Station, which serves about 7 million passengers annually,is located in the northern part of the city.There is a museum near the main station, dealing with the history of region's railroads.Other railway stations are: Rutchenkovo, located in the Kyivskyi Raion; Mandrykino (Petrovskyi Raion), and Mushketovo (Budionivskyi Raion).Some passenger trains avoid Donetsk station and serve the station Yasynuvata, located outside the city limits.Although not used for regular transportation, the city also has a children's railway. (As of September 2009) a new railway terminal facility that will comply with UEFA requirements (since Donetsk is one of the host city's for UEFA EURO 2012).

By Bus

The main forms of transport within Donetsk are: trams, electric trolley buses, buses and marshrutkas (private minibuses).The city public transportation system is controlled by the united Dongorpastrans municipal company.The city has 12 tram lines (130 km), 17 trolley bus lines (188 km), and about 115 bus lines.Both the tram and trolley bus systems in the city are served by 2 depots each.Another method of transport within the city is taxicab service, of which there are 32 in Donetsk.The city also contains autostations located within the city and its suburbs: autostation Yuzhny (South), which serves mainly transport lines to the south, hence its name; autostation Tsentr (Centre), which serves transport in the direction of Marinka and Vuhledar as well as intercity transport; the autostation Krytyi rynok (Indoor market), which serves mainly transport in the north and east directions; and the autostation Putilovsky, which serves mainly the north and northwest transport directions.There is currently a metro system under construction in Donetsk,with the first stage totaling 6 stations to open by 2012.

By Road

The Tabliczka E50.svg highway,, part of the International E-road network, runs through the city en route to Rostov-on-Don in Russia.In addition, another international road runs through the city: the M 04. Also, three national Ukrainian roads ( N 15, N 20, and N 21) pass through the city.

Key places to visit
Artema Street, Lenin Square, Monument to John Hughes, Pushkin Boulevard, Donbass Arena Park


Places to Visit

Artema Street

The main part of Donetsk, this large avenue is the place to start for any tourist trip around the city. You'll see an interesting mix of new and old architecture together with small parks, stylish hotels, shopping centers and fine restaurants.The historical sites are the most amazing here and include Lenin Square, the Opera & Ballet Theater, Monument to Coalminers, and Donetsk Drama Theater.

Lenin Square

This Square features the gigantic 42 meter Lenin Statue, one of Ukraine’s largest symbols of Lenin and a symbol of the importance of the city during the Soviet Union.

Monument to John Hughes

This 2001 statue located in front of Donetsk National Technical University honors the hard work of Welsh city founder John James Hughes.He was responsible for the city’s Yuzovka Steel Plant that gave Donetsk its industrial history.

Pushkin Boulevard

A beautiful green walkway that takes you away from Donetsk city life for a 2 km (1.24 mi) stroll.Here you can enjoy peaceful fountains, al fresco cafes, and a number of interesting statues such as the monument o Taras Shevchenko.A long green boulevard in the center of the urban city.Starts from the Regional Council and goes down along 6 long blocks.Each part has different style and pattern.First block is represented by the nice fountain with Mertsalov's Palm - the symbol of Donetsk.Then you can see various modern statues made by local designers.The boulevard is full of trees, flowers, bushes of different forms, lots of benches will comfort your walking breaks.Second block has a monument "Donbass rivers".It is an ancient boat used by Don Cossacks.

Donbass Arena Park

Arena Park will certainly have numerous "cult" places, as the capacities of the stadium are really breathtaking.Now the landscaping design is being finished.If you go a bit down the park to Victoria Hotel (high white building with glass facade), you will see a very nice park with fountains, fish, small decorative bridges, children playing ground, green lawns with benches.It is a very quiet place in the heart of Donetsk.Take a tram number 1 till the Bittechnika stop or trolleybus number 8 till the stop Komfort.Then go on the direction to the park.

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