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By train
The trains are operated by Syntus. The station Doetinchem Doetinchem is situated south of the center. Furthermore, there is a second station, the Doetinchem station Huet in the same district , the Huet . Until the 80s there was (at the station, Huet did not exist) a station on the edge of the De Hoop, in the direction of Wijnbergen , called West Station Doetinchem . This station was right next to the railway bridge on Old IJssel, the station is now a firm pledge

By road

Doetinchem is situated on the A18 . The highway has three exits in Doetinchem, namely:
 Doetinchem East
The center of Doetinchem facilities include two parking garages and a big (paid) car park (just outside the city center), called The Pig Meadow. Since July 1, 2006, the entire area around the center become paid parking. Also, a large parking deck with multiple layers are to be built on the Media Saturn Group

Key places to visit
St. Catherine Church, Public Library, Amphion theater, St. Willibrord's Abbey, Public Transport Museum Doetinchem


Places to Visit

St. Catherine Church

The Church of St. Catherine is the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) used church in Doetinchem , who around 1200 built. The church was originally dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria .At the end of the Middle Ages was Doetinchem regularly fires. With the largest fire, on 19 April 1527 caused by a baker who wanted to flax in his kiln drying, with virtually the entire town was also the Church of St. Catherine lost. Appeared in the rebuilding of the present Gothic hall church .

Public Library

A public library to different types of physical and digital information and culture media ( books , magazines , compact discs , CD-ROMs , slide programs, video cassettes , DVD 's, Internet , etc.) and the content they contain are available and accessible for all residents in her area, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, ideology, profession, social status etc.A public library is (cf. UNESCO Manifesto on Public Libraries), a feature that enables citizens their rightful position in a fully democratized society to take.

Amphion theater

Amphion theater is a theater in Doetinchem.On 12 October 1968 Amphion Theatre was opened by the Queen's Commissioner. The building is 64 years long in use. In 2007 was director Henk Raben announced that a new building will be built. In 2008 it was clear that the Hofstraat will rise.

St. Willibrord's Abbey

St. Willibrord's Abbey in Doetinchem , the youngest of the Dutch Benedictine abbeys .It was immediately after the Second World War established from the (then) crowded Abbey of Oosterhout . Initially attended the monks in the castle Slangenburg , it simultaneously restored. In the basement they followed courses in bricklaying to use the knowledge gained in the fifties of the 20th century to build the new abbey on a piece of the estate, about one kilometer away. Since building materials were scarce after the war, had this happen with disapproved paving. The roofs are particularly: because there is no wood enough, they are directly under the roof of concrete.

Public Transport Museum Doetinchem

Public Transport Museum Doetinchem contains a collection in the field of train, tram and bus. The collection can be seen in more than 40 display cases and consists of scale models of trains, trams and buses and by items using public transport face. The museum is not only given to the transport. There is also a large collection of objects with little public transport to do. These include uniforms for conductors, maps and artifacts from the world of public transport. There is also a museum archive that many books, drawings, photographs and other documentary material on the history contains.

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