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Country: Ukraine
State: Dnipropetrovsk
City: Dnipropetrovsk
Type of Location: Multiple
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By Air

The city is served by an Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (IATA: DNK) and is connected to other European cities with daily flights.It is located 15 kilometres (8 NM) southeast from the city center.As of 2011 the airport's owners have initiated a program to develop a new terminal complex at Dnipropetrovsk International.This project will see the construction of a large new international terminal, similar in specifications to the newly-built terminal at Kharkiv International Airport.It is believed that once constructed, Dniproavia and all other international airlines will use the new terminal, whilst domestic and charter carriers will use the 1960s terminal which currently serves as the airport's only passenger handling facility.

By Train

The city is a large railway junction, with many daily trains running to and from Eastern Europe and on domestic routes within Ukraine. There are two railway terminals, "Dnipropetrovsk Golovny" (main station)and "Dnipropetrovsk Yuzhnyi" (south station).Two express passenger services run each day between Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk under the name Capital Express.Other daytime services include suburban trains to towns and villages in the surrounding Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.Most long-distance trains tend to run at night in order to reduce the amount of daytime hours spent travelling by each passenger.Domestic connections exist between Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev, Lviv, Simferopol, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Truskavets, Donetsk, Kharkiv and many other smaller Ukrainian cities, whilst international destinations include, amongst others, Minsk in Belarus, Moscow's Kursky Station and Saint Petersburg's Vitebsky Station in Russia, Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan, and the Bulgarian seaside resort of Varna.

By Bus

The largest bus station in eastern Ukraine is located in Dnipropetrovsk from where bus routes are available to all over the country, including some international routes to Russia, Poland, Germany, Moldova and Turkey.It is located near the city's central railway station.Trams are generally in poor condition; the network has suffered from almost chronic underfunding since the end of the Soviet era and now much of the track and other infrastructure has become outdated.The city's municipal roads also suffer from the same funding problems as the trams with many of them in a very poor technical state. It is not uncommon to find very large potholes and crumbling surfaces on many of Dnipropetrovsk's smaller roads.Major roads and highways are of better quality. In recent years the situation has, however been improving, with a number of new used trams bought from the German cities of Dresden and Magdeburg and a number of roads including Schmidt Street and Moskovsky Street being reconstructed with modern road-building techniques.

By Ferry

In the summertime, there are some routes available by hydrofoils on the Dnieper River, whilst various tourist ships on their way down the river, (Kiev–Kherson–Odessa) tend to make a stop in the city.Dnipropetrovsk's river port is located close to the area surrounding the central railway station on the banks of the river.It is a good example of constructivist architecture from the late period of the Soviet Union.

Key places to visit
Dnipro Stadium, Dnipropetrovsk historical museum, Dnepropetrovsk Drama Theater, Dnepropetrovsk Organ and Chamber Music, Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum, Dnepropetrovsk Cathedral, Dnipropetrovsk Opera and Ballet Theatre


Places to Visit

Dnipro Stadium

is a football stadium in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.It is mostly for football matches and hosts the homes matches of FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.The stadium has a capacity of 31,003 people.It replaced Dnipro's old stadium Stadium Meteor.It staged the World Cup qualifying match between Ukraine and England as the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex in Kiev was being rebuilt ready for Euro 2012.The Dnipro Arena was chosen as a possible venue for Euro 2012, but was dropped from the list in May 2009. The capacity fell short of the minimum 33,000 seats required by UEFA.

Dnipropetrovsk historical museum

is a museum in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, which was founded by Governor Andrew Y. Fabro YEAR in 1849.The museum exhibited collection of old tools to the present.Unique exhibits a Polovtsian "baby" and Kernosivskyy idol.In February 1849, the in Yekaterinoslav initiated by the local school director J. D. Grahovo and Governor A. J. Fabre was created so-called "Obschestvennbly Museum Ekaterynoslavskoy province" - the first museum in the land that was located in the Potemkin palace, which belonged to the provincial assembly Nobility.During the Crimean War, when the Potemkin palace placed the hospital for the wounded, the museum was in the room Katerynoslavs'ka classical gymnasium (now housing Medakademiyi on October Square), which became his permanent home for many years before the beginning of XX century.The oldest archeological region belong to the Stone Age Particular attention is drawn among them such rarities as the tip darts Upper Palaeolithic.On its surface are well preserved notches made by human hand. Researchers believe that this could be the first calendar.Big losses incurred museum during German Nazi occupation.In the museum building housed the city shtadtkomisar Klosterman and exhibits in the rain in bad weather were transported to the dilapidated building of the Art Museum (for Shevchenko, 21).Relocated to the east exhibits almost all the lost those who remained in the city taken by the Germans.Only a small part of the material was saved technicians Mikhail J. White and PK Duze.

Dnepropetrovsk Drama Theater

is a first State Theatre of Ukraine.Founded in 1918, in Kiev, as the first professional theater Ukraine, which was called the State Drama Theater.In 1919, the State Drama Theater was renamed the First National Drama Theater of UkrSSR named Shevchenko.In the first decade of the theater led by A. Zaharovym worked: Kurbas, J. Mar Osnovyanenko, G. Borysoglibska Hakkebush L., M. Tinskyy, M. Domashenko, J. Mar Osnovyanenko, A. Serdyuk, A. Khoroshun, A. Smirnov, G. Marinich, Y. Sidorenko, N. Uzhviy, I. Zamychkovskyy, K. carefully, V. Vasylko, P. Ticino (Head of years. part) and the other person.From 1921 to 1926 successfully touring troupe Ukraine.In 1927 the theater arranged in Dnipropetrovsk.Repertoire in the years marked by the presence of a large number of different plays.There were works of Ukrainian, Russian and Western classics, modern direction, plays contemporary authors.Posters proclaiming the theater performances of Ukrainian classics: "Haydamaky" Shevchenko in the production of the famous theater director and reformer Kurbas, "Forest Song", "The Field of Blood", "Stone owner" Lesya Ukrainian, plays IK Karpenko -Karim, IG Kotlyarevskogo performances of works by H. Ibsen, C. Goldoni, J.-B.Molyera, Shakespeare and other foreign dramatists.

Dnepropetrovsk Organ and Chamber Music

is a concert agency in Dnepropetrovsk, located on Prospect Kalinina, 66 in the former St. Nicholas Cathedral.The temple was designed by the architects of St. Petersburg Georgy Konstantinovich Turovtsa Eustache and in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanovs.In 1929 with the dissolution of the religious community house passed Bryansk factory (present Plant. Petrovskiy ).Since 1929 the church was used as a house pioneers, sports school and coal composition.In 1980, the building was reconstructed and installed here dvomanualnyy mechanical body that has 30 registers and 2,074 pipes.The tool is made on special order by the German company "Sauer".In the House of Organ and Chamber Music held international organ festivals, concerts of organ and chamber music, the number of visitors reaches 30,000 listeners per month.In the collective staff of 70 musicians, four orchestras, four quartets, ensembles, 2 musical lectures, almost daily concerts.In the settlement agreement approved by the Commercial Court of Dnipropetrovsk region 26 August 2010, provided the building for worship community UOC-MP under conditions ensuring the smooth functioning of the House of Organ and Chamber Music.

Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum

Museum of Fine Arts in Kiev.The museum has three floors: on the 2nd placed a permanent exhibition on the 1st and 3rd floors are arranged temporary exhibitions of works from the collection DHM and other museums in Ukraine, contemporary artists and photographers are musical evenings.The idea of opening the Art Museum in the city occurred in the early twentieth century. 1903, local artists staged in Yekaterinoslav exhibit their works, which "should aim to meet the aesthetic needs of local community and partly persecuted purely practical side - to initiate Art Museum" (in scientific papers Ekaterinoslavskogo Society).Exhibiting work of painters VA Kornienko, IG Horbonosova, ID Yevsevskoho, PI Porubayeva, SI Piskarova and became the first exhibits of the future museum.Now the funds Dnipropetrovsk art museum - almost 9,000 exhibits.The most successful acquisition of a stock-purchase commission was the acquisition in 1967 was ancient paintings on small wooden board and two etchings.Since etching was easier and they recognized as works of Rembrandt.Split in two, the board restored, and its surface cleaned in 1976, the On the cleared surface found a signature and date - in 1630, the According to preliminary data product can belong brush Rembrandt's early work.Painting - (portrait bust) depicting a young woman with pearls.

Dnepropetrovsk Cathedral

Located in the Nagorno- street in Zhovtnevyi Administrative Region, on Cathedral Square.According to the Gregory Potomkyna, the cathedral had to be higher than the Roman church of St. Peter on a yardstick.1786, Empress Catherine II himself laid the cathedral.Austrian Emperor Joseph II of Habsburg, who participated in the ceremony, put it this way: "Catherine laid the first stone and I second and last.It was possible to construct only a foundation.After the death of Catherine the ambitious plan was not given true.Cathedral built on the foundation of a new smaller in 1835 year.At the same old foundation built a fence that is rebuilt in the 1990s.

Dnipropetrovsk Opera and Ballet Theatre

is a theatre in Dnepropetrovsk, located on Avenue K. Marx, 72-a.For the first time in Dnepropetrovsk Opera House was opened in 1931, under the name of the working Dnepropetrovsk Opera House. But with the onset of the war theater was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk, where the theater was merged with the Odessa troupe and after the war has not been restored.Contemporary Theatre was opened on December 26th 1974, the ballet "Swan Lake" by P. Tchaikovsky.2003 was awarded the title of Academic Theater.Among the bass soloist Sabine Gus-YD, mezzo-soprano Surzhyna NA, tenor Vostryakov AA and others.Dyrehentom theater was Afanasev BG.

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