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Den Helder

North Holland
Den Helder
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By road

Furthermore, Den Helder accessible through two national highways , namely the N9 to Alkmaar (A9 and continue as Amsterdam)and the N99 at Den Oever , where it connected with the motorway A7 . Since this two-lane roads are advocating the municipality of Den Helder and entrepreneurs to improve the accessibility of Den Helder. Suggestions for this purpose are the upgrading of the N9 and N99 to motorway and the construction of a new branch from the A7 at Wieringerwerf Den Helder. For now, the Minister of Transport not plan a lot of money stabbing in the accessibility of the Kop van Noord-Holland .
From the ferry to Texel Den Helder runs through the provincial road N250 , which De Kooy becomes the N9 towards Alkmaar .
The airport Den Helder Airport just south of Den Helder ,Several companies provide charter flights and sightseeing flights from this airport.

By train

Den Helder terminus of the railway line and the direction of Alkmaar . Every half hour there is a intercity from Den Helder to Nijmegen . This train stops between Den Helder and Alkmaar on all stations.

Key places to visit
Naval Museum, Dorus Rijkers National Lifeboat Museum, Orangery The Green Pearl, Fort Kijkduin, Fort Oostoever, Fort Dirks Admiraal, Willemsoord


Places to Visit

Naval Museum

The Naval Museum in Den Helder is on the former naval shipyard .The museum consists of several buildings on the shore and a few ships. The buildings are permanent and changing exhibitions, partly on the history of the navy and partly on technical developments. There are three museum ships, the submarine Tuna in the 60-years of the 20th century and opened in 1994, the ramschip Scorpio from 1868 and opened in 2000 and the minesweeper Hr. Ms. Abraham Crijnssen in 1937 and opened since 1997.

Dorus Rijkers National Lifeboat Museum

Dorus Rijkers National Lifeboat Museum in Den Helder illustrates the history of Dutch rescue at sea. That history mainly from the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM), but also of the Rescue Netherlands and the Society for the Rescue of drowning (MRD).The Lifeboat Museum, founded in 1982, located since 2003 on the site of the former imperial yard Willemsoord in a motor service center. The three-story building has been renovated with a modern extension. The museum has the word "National" in its name because it is not limited to local history, but the rescue along the entire coast of the Zwin to the Ems and Zuiderzee , later IJsselmeer covers. The name Dorus Rijkers is part of the name of the museum in tribute to the greatest savior the Netherlands has ever had. In the days when there was rowing and sailing, he saved - often risk their lives - almost 500 people. In 1925, he was after the famous Dutch Queen Wilhelmina.

Orangery The Green Pearl

Orangery The Green Pearl is a botanical garden in Den Helder . The garden is a member of the Dutch Association of Botanic Gardens.The garden includes an outdoor garden and a greenhouse complex .In the greenhouse complex tropical plants kept as oranges , bananas , orchids and agave 's. In the greenhouse complex is a large collection of cacti on display. The greenhouse complex is also used to tub plants to overwinter the summer outside.The outdoor garden is a Japanese garden with running water available. A stream with a waterfall, rapids, rocks and an island to see. The vegetation is native to Japan , South Korea and China . The plant collection in the Japanese garden include camellia , papiermoerbei , Abeliophyllum and bamboo .The garden is open from Monday to Friday and during the summer season on Saturday and Sunday.

Fort Kijkduin

Fort Kijkduin is a fortress in Huisduinen , Den Helder .It was built by Napoleon Bonaparte during his visit to Huisduinen in 1811 . He saw great value in the strategic position of Den Helder, he called it called "the Gibraltar of the North ". It is fairly large in size: the fort then gave place to more than 700 soldiers .From 1822, a lighthouse on the fort stood. This was demolished and replaced in 1877 by Jack Long , who built the same year. The fort has the state monument .

Fort Oostoever

Oostoever fort is a former fort in Den Helder on the east side of the Channel.Noordhollandsch Already in 1811 there were French plans to build a fort to prevent the navy yard and workshop from the south was attacked. On this spot was a keel instead of "Empire's New Shipyard Work." This place was in 1833-1835 keel transformed into fortress "Dugommier", named after the French general who died in 1794 , Jacques François Dugommier . The irregular fort was enclosed by a wide moat. In the courtyard were two gunpowder magazines around 1855, and an arched shed built missiles. From the fort with artillery could be covered an area that reaches from the entrance to the harbor "New Deep" to the "Nollen" to Nieuweweg. West Bank and the forts were Oostoever that time is collectively called the fort at the Noordhollandsch Channel. In 1894 it came close Nieuwediep a gun emplacement.

Fort Dirks Admiraal

Fort Admiral Dirks is a former fortress with three bastions in Den Helder . The fort was built by the French in the years 1812-1813 was built under the name l'Ecluse. The fort was named on July 28, 1814 Dirksen Admiral, named after Cornelis Dirk Son , during the Eighty Years War mayor of Monnickendam .The fort was in battery converted in the period 1880-1890. Under the German occupation it was converted into anti-aircraft battery.


The former imperial yard Willemsoord also called Old Navy Yard since the retreat of the Royal Navy shipyard to new location in Den Helder transformed into a nautical theme park. The site includes many entertainment and sites.In 1811 came Napoleon Bonaparte to Den Helder, he gave Jansz Jan Blanken. the assignment in Den Helder naval base with the largest shipyard in the Netherlands to build. In 1822, the first buildings at the Navy Yard on 40 acres.

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May - October


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