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By road

Several main roads linking Delfzijl in other cities:
 N33 Eemshaven - Delfzijl - Assen
 N360 Delfzijl - Groningen
 N362 Delfzijl - Winschoten
 N997 Delfzijl - Losdorp
 N992 Delfzijl - Woldendorp

By Waters

Delfzijl is located at a junction of several waterways. The main waterway is the Ems estuary , the lower reaches of the Ems , which the city is directly linked to the North Sea .The Damsterdiep runs from Groningen to Delfzijl and discharges it into the Ems . It is almost only used for pleasure . The Uitwierdermaar ends at Delfzijl in the Damsterdiep.

By train

Delfzijl has two stations on the railway Groningen - Delfzijl , namely Delfzijl and Delfzijl West . The railway is operated by Arriva .

Key places to visit
St Mary's Church, Pancratius Church, Sebastian Church, Church of Uitwierde, Water Tower, Lighthouse of Delfzijl, The Three Delfzijl


Places to Visit

St Mary's Church

The romano Gothic St. Mary's Church of Krewerd the Groningen municipality Delfzijl Built at the end of the 13th century. The church was built in the 15th century . The church is in possession of the Old Groningen Churches Foundation .The construction of the church is connected with the Stone Huizer deposit Krewerd who stood. According to the tradition Tyadeke, the wife of this Bond, the widow Tyadeke, a promise Menco did when her son was seriously ill. She promised that she would build a church if her son would recover. Although her son was indeed restored after her promise. When her son later died childless, she still build the church. They donated the church to the abbey cloister Bloemhof of Wittewierum and in the Chronicle of Bloemhof , this story describes.

Pancratius Church

The romano Gothic Church of Pancratius Godlinze the Groningen municipality Delfzijl Built in the 13th century. Construction took first place in the tufa , the church was later increased by brick . The construction of the tower saddle has taken place in several phases. The lower part was built around 1200. In the 16th century the tower further increased several times and later restored.The bell tower dates from 1435 and was dedicated to the patron saint of the church, Pancratius.A major restoration took place in 1571, just as the church when the Roman Catholic tradition has been restored. The order for this was given by the bishop of Groningen John Knijff . The decorations are made to a church for this type of rare Renaissance.

Sebastian Church

Standing on a mound Romano Gothic Church of Sebastian Bierum was built in the 13th and 14th centuries.The church is remarkable for the great buttress , against the tower wall built to prevent subsidence. Sebastian Church the only church in Groningen holds as a complete (reduced) west work . Is complete in this context means that the tower with its wings a single construction element whose side walls connected to the ship. On the floor is a chapel.

Church of Uitwierde

The Church of Uitwierde is a Dutch Reformed Church from 1839, with a detached tower from the late 12th century or early 13th century , the mound of Uitwierde in the municipality of Delfzijl .Uitwierde the church was an important and wealthy church. The church had about 35 acres of land was leased to the highest bidder. Delfzijl to 1613 belonged to the parish of Uitwierde. The church originally had a moat , like the church of Spijk . The canal was built in the 20th century filled, then there is a walkway around the church was built. During the siege of Delfzijl in 1813-'14 was the original church building by the marauding French troops, and considerable damage in 1839, replaced by the current neoclassical Water Church . During World War II came Uitwierde - and thus the church under heavy fire. The church was again heavy damage, but was restored in 1948.

Water Tower

The water tower in Delfzijl is on the premises of the aluminum plant Aldel . It is made entirely of metal, round water tower. On the top floor is a large water tank and a pump on the ground floor.

Lighthouse of Delfzijl

The lighthouse was built in Delfzijl in 1888 with the lighthouse on the dike at the "Bay of Watum 'on the Ems . The towers are identical and also quite different from the classic lighthouse. They are sturdy buildings, the building tradition of the time fit. The towers are 10.5 meters high. The layout is functional and there is room for two families of lighthouse keepers on duty. They can from their house the lantern to directly enter the gas light at night to keep burning.

The Three Delfzijl

The Three Delfzijl is the large bosom pumping station in Damsterdiep in Delfzijl , in the Dutch province of Groningen .The name of the pumping station to the initial three Zijlen, which also sail vest was called.

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