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Cuautitlan Izcalli

Cuautitlan Izcalli
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By air

The nearest airports to Cuautitlan Izcalli are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
  Mexico City Airport (distanced approximately 30 km)
  Mexico City Atizapan Airport (distanced approximately 36 km)
  Santa Lucia Airport (distanced approximately 36 km)
  Fresno-Chandler Airport (distanced approximately 44 km)
  Toluca Airport (distanced approximately 48 km)

Key places to visit
San Marcos Power Center, Central Park of Lilies Mirror, Perinorte, San Benito Abad Theater, San Miguel Centro Plaza Las Haciendas, Crescent Parc, Sculpture Park, Regional Cultural Centre Cuautitlan Izcalli


Places to Visit

San Marcos Power Center

San Marcos Power Center is a place where they converge different establishments,including the more important of SportCity,a downtown casino "YAK" Fun Central (ice rink) and a private institution of Higher Secondary Education,the New School for Technology.Access is on the Mexico Queretaro Av corner Chalma.

Central Park of Lilies Mirror

Central Park of Lilies Mirror is at the heart of Cuautitlan Izcalli,conditioning especially for families,which range from sightseeing.


Perinorte is a mall located in the south of the town,with stores such as Liverpool,Sanborn and many more chains of national and international presence and a small amusement park called "Fun" and a Bowling area

San Benito Abad Theater

San Benito Abad Theater is considered one of the best theaters in Latin America and belongs to the Centro Escolar del Lago. It has a capacity of 1500 spectators and venue of the State Symphony Orchestra of Mexico.Presentations are made in this enclosure are operated by Ticketmaster

San Miguel Centro Plaza Las Haciendas

San Miguel Centro Plaza Las Haciendas and also are a set of facilities that include the sale of fashionable establishments of different food chains and restaurants and banking services themselves,as well as fun. They are located north of town and is accessed by Huehuetoca Av.

Crescent Parc

Crescent Parc is a conglomerate of businesses that combines a shopping center includes stores such as Sears,C & A Medical Tower and one called "Star Medical." It opened on August 26,2009,with the presence of the Mayor and the Governor of the State of Mexico. The main construction company in charge of this project is Grupo Carso,the Mexican business firm Carlos Slim.The set includes five parking levels,their hits are on the 1st of May Avenue and Constitution Avenue.

Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park also offers a relaxed atmosphere in nature,accompanied by the art of the sculptor Charlotte Yazbek.

Regional Cultural Centre Cuautitlan Izcalli

Regional Cultural Centre Cuautitlan Izcalli where they are taught dance classes,guitar,piano,among others,and artistic events occur (located in the Sculpture Park).

Lago de Guadalupe

Lago de Guadalupe located west of town,a place of healthy recreation where you can walk outside to the lake shore,or if you prefer,horseback riding,but also rich can enjoy Mexican food located in the southern part the lake.

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