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Country: Spain
State: Comunidad Valenciana
City: Crevillente
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By air

Nearest airports to Crevillente are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre

  Alicante Airport (distanced approximately 21 km)
  Ciudad-Quesada-Alicante Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)
  Muchamiel Alicante Airport (distanced approximately 36 km)
  Talladega Airport (distanced approximately 40 km)
  Alcantarilla Airport (distanced approximately 50 km)

By boat
Nearest port is Alicante port.which has Direct ferry links exist to Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, as well as to Oran and Alger in Algeria.

Key places to visit
Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem, Municipal Archaeological Museum Crevillente, Holy Week Museum of Carr, Painter Julio Quesada Museum, Ermita de San Cayetano, Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel, Benlliure Museum


Places to Visit

Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem

The present church was begun in the eighteenth century and opened in 1829. In its crypt housing the Museum Benlliure, which has, among other works, with seven processions of Holy Week, commissioned by the Magro family sculptor. The new museum is being packaged for launch in 2009.

Municipal Archaeological Museum Crevillente

The Municipal Archaeological Museum Crevillente is located in the Casa del Parque, neocasticista style hotel built in 1927 by architect Juan Vidal Ramos, located northeast of the town next to the largest green area the town, with easy access and ease of parking for large vehicles.On the ground floor you can visit the Office-Medical Laboratory crevillentino D. Francisco Mas-Magro, hematology researcher who became a Nobel Prize nominee proposed, and the original furniture of the living room of their former owners very characteristic of the century. The first floor is where you installed the Archaeological Museum and highlights to keep even the floor tiles of the house in good condition, which are geometric and floral carpets imitating drawings, highly consistent with the industrial tradition of the locality.

Holy Week Museum of Carr

The Museum of Carr Easter is considered one of the most important in Spain, in its genre. Completely new museum as it is divided into four floors, with the central open space, which allows visitors to see works of art from different points of view.Another feature of Holy Week Museum of Carr, is that the visit is set to follow chronologically the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ, so that the museum is a benchmark in the educational and catechetical value with this type of museums.

Painter Julio Quesada Museum

Museum dedicated to the watercolorist Guilabert Quesada in July, the Museum is located at the headquarters of Electric Cooperative St. Francis of Assisi, who in the year 1999, decided to create a better watercolorist Museum considered the twentieth century.

Ermita de San Cayetano

Located in the mountain park of San Cayetano. According to tradition, the chapel was built by the wife of the lord of Crevillente, the Duchess of Arcos. The probable date of the foundation is 1672 or 1673. It has now been rebuilt by the dismal previous state and re-opened on May 1, 2009. Is being prepared to rehabilitate the entire mountain park of San Cayetano, recovering ancient ruins and an ancient cistern.

Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angel

Located north of the city and surrounded by cave-houses this small church is dedicated to the Guardian Angel, built in 1902 and building a single ship, restored in 2003. In the back is the sacristy, inside is a picture of Mary Magdalene and Saint Joseph, the nineteenth century, as well as an image of the Virgen del Carmen and the owner the Holy Guardian Angel, both of mid-twentieth century and workshops in Olot.

Benlliure Museum

Benlliure Museum is Currently under renovation. This will set the pieces of art created by Mariano Benlliure .

Right Time to Visit

January - April


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