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By plane

Carpatair has daily flights to Craiova from Timisoara and also from other major cities in: Germany, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Ukraine.(via Timisoara) Direct flights to Rome and Milano. Flights to Timisoara cost around 50 euros one-way, while flights to Rome or Milano cost around 150 euros one-way.

By train

There are 17 trains daily from Bucharest (3h15m, 10 euros), 8 from Timisoara(5h30m, 13 euros), two from Sibiu and one from Cluj is highly recommended to take an Accelerat because the conditions in train are the same as those in Rapid or Intercity, but the price is lower.

By bus

The northern bus station (Autogara Nord), next to the train station, is where the main daily services depart. maxitaxis leave from there to Bucharest (30-35 lei, every 30 minutes), Pitesti (15 lei, two daily), Calafat(10-15 lei,at least two daily). Also some rural routes from here. Oz Murat travel agency, ouside the northern bus station, runs a bus to Istanbul via Bucharest, departing at 10:30 AM daily, except Saturday(90 euros return).

Key places to visit
Nicolae Romanescu Park, Craiova Art Museum, The Museum of Oltenia, Mihai Viteazu Square, Craiova National Theater Marin Sorescu


Places to Visit

Nicolae Romanescu Park

A special sight in Craiova is represented by "Nicolae Romanescu" Park, with its picturesque character. Unique in Romania, this valuable architectural monument is also one of the most interesting accomplishments of its kind in Europe. Displayed at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, in 1900, the park`s plans received the Golden Medal. The works began in 1901, under the supervision of the project`s author, assisted by artists Jules Redont (his brother) and Emil Pinard. For two years, 50.000 seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs, from among which many species difficult to adapt to our climate were planted. Thus, the park began to take shape: the lake and the two islands, the river, bridges, small waterfalls, alleys, "The Suspended Bridge", with itstwo gorgeous porticos, "The Enchanted Castle", "The Circular Hall", the deers`pen and the bears`cave, the pier and the restaurant on the bank of the lake, pavilions, greenhouses, imitations of rocks and tree trunks made of armoured-concrete etc.

Craiova Art Museum

The Art Museum of Craiova is located in the sumptuous palace of the former magnate Jean Mihail. Built between 1899-1907, according to the plans of the French arhitect Paul Gottereau, the palace represents, stylistically, a rather free interpretation of the late baroque. The wealth of the patrimony, the quite elegant backgrround, with Venetian mirrors, candelabrums of Murano crystal, Carrara marble staircases, walls with tapestry of Lyon silk, but specially the particular way the objects are displayed, have brought it to the attention of the visitors. At the origin of the museum is the "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" pinacotec, founded in 1905 and sheltered in the house of the Lăceanu family (Aristia's parents). Along the years, acquisitions by the City Hall or donations have been added: Cornetti, Glogoveanu, N.Romanescu, Jean Mihail

The Museum of Oltenia

It is located in three different buildings that host three different exhibitions. The building from str. Popa Şapcă nr.8 is where the Nature Science Museum and a traditional pottery shop are located. In the building from str. Madona Dudu nr. 14 the history and archaeology exhibition is located, with a new build wing. The building from str. Matei Basarab nr.16 is one of the oldest in the city, built in the XVth century. Here the ethnography exhibition is located

Mihai Viteazu Square

An entire ensemble of artesian wells, vases with verdure and decorative plants, the reorganization of the small park, the relocation of the statue of Mihai Viteazu to a monumental ensemble represent just a few examples. Street lighting is also one of the modern factors. The musical fountain stands out though, reuniting every night around 2.000 visitors from Craiova and from the neighbouring towns. The musical fountain in Craiova is unique in the country as design.

Craiova National Theater Marin Sorescu

The Craiova National Theater "Marin Sorescu" is an internationally renowned institution. Every two years theater troups and theater lovers from all around the world come to participate in the International Shakespeare Festival (in 2010 at VIIth edition.

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