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Concepcion del Uruguay

Entre Rios
Concepcion del Uruguay
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By Air

The nearest airport is Gualeguaychu airdrome with paved runway and navigation controls provided by the Air Force Argentina, strategically located at the edge of Route 14, at the entrance of the city and opposite the Industrial Park Gualeguaychu.

By Train

Concepcion del Uruguay Station is the railway station in the city of the same name, province of Entre Rios, Argentina Republic.From this station the branch part to the port of Concepcion del Uruguay, which at 1.6 km from the station connects with the branch on the Concordia Station Central.During the Peronist government of Carlos Menem, the branches of Entre Rios were abandoned.In 2002 the governor Sergio Montiel reconditioned and put up the first branch of the province.From March 2010, rejoined the train Concepcion del Uruguay and Parana Entre Rios through 24 locations.The service has two weekly.On 19 December 2009 we conducted a test ride on the railroad station of the city, in the presence of Mayor Marcelo Bisogni city and the Governor of the province Urribarri Sergio.It was the first time in 18 years that the train passes again in Concepcion del Uruguay.The Parana-service Concepcion del Uruguay was launched on 28 June 2010 with a car engine that runs Materfer on Friday of Concepcion del Uruguay, Parana and makes the return on Sundays.

By Bus

The city has a bus terminal that occupies an entire block between the streets Galarza, Rocamora, Scelzi and Bv. Constituents.Formerly worked with former Terminal Hotel Francisco Ramirez (now abandoned).The building was a tower of about 4 floors had a room on the ground floor now houses the Guardia Urbana.

Key places to visit
Delio Panizza House Museum, Andres Garcia Museum, Art Market February 3, Vera Spa Step, Ricardo Lopez Jordan Park, Santa Candida palace, Yuchan Museum


Places to Visit

Delio Panizza House Museum

colonial house dating from 1793, there lived a boy Francisco "Pancho" Ramirez the last inhabitant of the same was Dr. Delio Panizza a major collector.At his death the house became a museum.It houses collections in their rooms, furniture, weapons, paintings, silverware and important pieces for their historical value.Today is National Historic Landmark.

Andres Garcia Museum

Museum was originally called Entre Rios, Andres Garcia collector's work is exhibited in its halls collections of tiles, fans, archeology, religious icons, silverware and pieces of interest for its historical value.It is the Municipal Museum and since 2004 occupies its new headquarters at "La Casa de Urquiza."

Art Market February 3

Cultural space opened by the "Market Protective Association" made by craftsmen and artists of the city and abroad, among which include the cabinetmaker Cuban international awards Erbium Leonel Diaz.In your room you can find everything from handicrafts of various techniques to a study of TV and radio, a photo lab and a room where they are protected evocative objects of the original building.

Vera Spa Step

Located at the north end Pelay Bank, on the banks of the Uruguay River, this resort blends into the territory of a protected natural area, which can be made gallery forest walks and observe a diverse native avifauna.Beyond the magnificent stretch of sand, sunsets invite family hiking trails neatly delimited by qualified staff, which took into account not affect the environment in tracing them.The reduced capacity of the camp, housing up to 80 tents.The services include the cleaning of beaches, lifeguard service, canteens and stalls and monitoring the parking lot.You must enter by Pelay Bank.

Ricardo Lopez Jordan Park

A splendid artificial lake scene starring this park located northwest of the city of Concepcion del Uruguay.Particularly picturesque, Jordan Park also boasts rich flora extensions that make it the highlighted option as a space tourist proposal for enjoyment and exploration of nature.All the surrounding area is made up of streets named for flowers.Northwest of the city. Between Av Carlos Gardel and J. J Urquiza.

Santa Candida palace

It was one of the most important industrial enterprises Urquiza, constituting the largest salt lick in the middle of the nineteenth century.It was named in honor of the hero's mother, Candida Garcia.Salting industrial facilities had the most advanced techniques for the time, including a long wooden dock rail service decauville for merchant sailing ships arriving to port it.Of those facilities there was virtually nothing.The administrative building of the salting, designed by Italian architect Peter Fossati, was slowly and progressively transformed into a great family home, cutting palace after the death of Urquiza.Meanwhile in the early twentieth century a large park is designed around the central hull, completing the residential character of the site.It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977 and is currently operated as a hostel. Is located 1km. south of Concepcion del Uruguay, El Tala District.

Yuchan Museum

Museum of indigenous cultures of Argentina, is a living testimony of these people who through their works and myths, leads to the encounter of our roots and to engage with the cultural legacy of our ancestors.Yuchan is a Quechua word meaning palo borracho and refers to the mythical tree that emerged birds and fish that give life to the people.It has a collection of masks some traditional fabrics, ceramics and Wichi chane.The pieces were created today with the same techniques and symbols of indigenous pre-Hispanic.You can visit Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 12:30 and 16:00 to 20:00.Located on Calle Entrerriano Galarza and Supreme.

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