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By Air

The nearest airport is Santiago Airport (IATA: SCL) (ICAO: SCEL) is the main Chilean gateway for international flights.that makes the trip in less than 20 minutes.

By Bus
The bus ride between Santiago and Mendoza in Argentina has beautiful views and takes about eight hours, depending on the time spent at the Cristo Redentor checkpoint.The border crossing is at about 2800 m in the Andes.Note that fruit, vegetables or animal products are not allowed in either direction; all luggage will get checked at the border.One way fares are listed at around Ch$17,000, but are often cheaper if booked in advance.There are also buses to and from San Juan, Argentina, with one way fares listed at around Ch$19,500.

Key places to visit
Pangue Caves, Pincheiras Legend, Ski Resorts, Craftsmen Fair, Las Tres Marias, Las Trancas Valley


Places to Visit

Pangue Caves

A few kilometers away from the Chillan Hots Springs, there is a tour for visitors of all ages that has come to be called the “Pangue Cave”.It would be a pity not to see it.From the moment we got on the bus, the tour took a few minutes.We came across a gate where a sign displaying an arrow pointing up showed us the way to the cave.A hundred meters from the starting point, the trail became more and more narrow and the temperature experienced a considerable drop.The guides would describe the various plant and bushes around us.

Pincheiras Legend

An amusing show recreates the adventure of the Pincheira brothers in the same stage they used as a shelter back in the 1800s.In those days, the Pincheira brothers -Antonio, Santos, Pablo and José Antonio- would lead an army made up by two thousand men who defended the authority of the King of Spain over America.This band of cattle rustlers terrorized the mountain range area pillaging towns, kidnapping women and asking for ransom in cash or cattle.On horseback and dressed in black, they would devastate the valleys close to Chillan and they even crossed the border into Argentina and back to Chile in order to avoid the armies.

Ski Resorts

There is a promised land where winter sports may be combined with hot spring waters.And that place is Chillan.Nevados de Chillan Mountain Resort lies 194 kilometers to the east of the city of Concepcion, where its volcano and its hot spring waters share the same origin and co-exist in harmony.Standing at a height of 1,650 meters MSL, the ski resort offers 10,000 hectares suitable for the practice of winter sports.

Craftsmen Fair

This is nothing else than the famous market of Chillan and the most complete and varied handicrafts street fair in the country.They are next to one another,separated only by a narrow street.No sooner do visitors cross some of its gates than they can experience very particular sensations.The market is a perfect example of the rest of the roofed markets, very usual in Chile, which delight visitors with very fresh national farm products.

Las Tres Marias

This is the name given to one of the longest and most beautiful ski trails in the country, worldwide known by fans of this sport.From the base, the image of the trails, the forest, the fumaroles and the volcano are real visions of paradise.With snow-capped peaks from every point of view, this ski resort is one of the most beautiful in the country.In addition to the great hotel, luxurious resorts have been settled to the foot of the mount.The presence of a thick forest and pools of hot spring waters make this site an ideal place for skiing and enjoying the mountain during the winter season.

Right Time to Visit

May - October


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