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San Martin
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By plane

The two major airlines, Lan Peru and Star Peru, operate daily flights from Lima to Chiclayo. A taxi should cost PES/2 for the 1km journey into the city centre.

By bus

All the major bus lines are present in Chiclayo but most have their own terminal spread out over the City. Linea is on Av. Bolognesi 638 One block west of Linea is the Terminal for most north- or eastbound busses. Movil is around the corner opposite the Metro supermarket (LP says Av. Bolognesi 199 but I think it is Av. Jose Balta)

Key places to visit
Lord of Sipan, Sican Museum, Tucume, The Sipan Museum - Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan


Places to Visit

Lord of Sipan

The Lord of Sipan is the name of a mummy of an elite man found in Sipán by Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva in 1987. The tomb is in Sipán's Huaca Rajada, an area in Chiclayo.The Lord of Sipán tomb is a Moche culture site in Peru. Some archaeologists hold it to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in this region of the world in the last 30 years, as the main tomb was found intact and untouched by thieves.Sipán is located in the northern part of Peru, close to the coast, in the middle of the Lambayeque Valley, 35 km east of Chiclayo, Peru. Four tombs have been found in Sipán's Huaca Rajada. This was a burial mound, a kind of mausoleum, built by the Moche culture. Its people ruled the northern coast of Peru from around 1 AD to 700 AD.

Sican Museum

Sican Museum that host and interesting remains of Sican culture. It is located 20 minutes from Chiclayo in Ferrenafe. Yes this is different from the Sipan Stuff


The Valley of 26 pyramids built by the ancient peruvians.Purgatorio is the name by which local people refer to the dozens of pre-Hispanic pyramids, enclosures and mounds found on the plain around La Raya Mountain, south of the La Leche River. This is the site of Túcume, covering an area of over 540 acres (220 ha) and encompassing 26 major pyramids and mounds

The Sipan Museum - Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan

The museum is situated in the center of Lambayeque and definitely worth a visit although descriptions are in spanish only. It features most of the treasures of the Sipan tombs together with thorough explanation what the grave looked like and how it was discovered in 1989.
Entrance fee is 10 S/. Student discount only for national students. Open Tuesday to Sunday 9am - 5pm.
Collectivos from and back to Chiclayo run frequently (20 minutes, 1.30 S/.). In Chiclayo ask in the collectivo stations.

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