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Territorio de Quintana Roo
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By plane

Chetumal Airport (IATA: CTM) (ICAO: MMCM) offers a limited selection of flights to major cities in Mexico.It is also possible to fly into airports across the border,in Belize,and cross by land into Chetumal.Another option is to fly into Cancun or Merida and take a bus from the airport.

By car

Mexico's Federal Route 186 traverses the sparsely populated southern half of the Yucatan between Escarcega and Chetumal.After Ucum,the only municipality with services such as gas and lodging between Escarcega and Chetumal is Xpujil.Federal Route 307 branches off Route 186 to the north towards Cancun,from a point about 30 km west of Chetumal.

By bus

Several bus companies offer routes across the Peninsula to Escarcega,or north to Cancun and other cities on the Mayan Riviera.The main bus terminal,i.e.ADO terminal,where most buses arrive to is located about two kilometers north of the city center (in the crossing of Av.Insurgentes and Av.Belice).There's an official taxi stand right outside the terminal,and a taxi to the center costs about 20 pesos.If you're arriving from Belize,your bus might arrive to the New Market (Nueva Mercado).New Market is located about two kilometers northeast of the center,in the corner of 2do.Circuito Periférico and C.Veracruz.

By boat

San Pedro Belize Express has air conditioned boats leaving Caye Caulker at 7:00 a.m.& San Pedro Town,Ambergris Caye,Belize to Chetumal daily at 7:30 a.m.Tickets cost $30US,one way and $55 US,round trip.The boat returns from Chetumal at 3:30 p.m.The terminal is located on the pier infront of Wahoo's Bar and Grill in San Pedro,in front of the basketball court in Caye Caulker,and from the Municipal Pier in Chetumal.Tickets can be purchased online at their website.

Key places to visit
Cultural Center of Fine Arts, Maya Culture Museum, City Museum, Model of Payo Obispo, Monument to the Flag, Biouniverzoo Zoo, Ecological Park


Places to Visit

Cultural Center of Fine Arts

Cultural Center of Fine Arts is Located in the heart of the city,the cultural complex houses the City Museum,Minerva Theatre and the Art Walk,likewise,is home to the School of Music and Arts,the Department of Museums,Cultural Centers and administrative offices.The building currently occupied by the Cultural Center of Fine Arts,was from 1939 to 1989,the school Belisario Dominguez,considered the first school of Quintana Roo.This is a building designed in the form of Z,on many fronts,long corridors and large pillars,decorated with ornamental carvings and friezes Colombian sculptor Romulo Rozo.

Maya Culture Museum

Maya Culture Museum is Located in downtown Chetumal Heroes Avenue,is considered the largest and most comprehensive museum in the state dedicated to the Mayan culture,has a large collection of authentic works and reproductions of classical works,has 8 rooms that tell the development of Mayan culture,its origins,as well as various aspects of daily life,agriculture,trade,science,technology and cosmogony.It also has rooms for temporary exhibitions,an auditorium and gardens.

City Museum

City Museum is located in the premises of the old school Belisario Dominguez,the first that existed in Chetumal,is dedicated to the exhibition of photographs,tools and documents that tell the story of the founding of the city,from its origins in the Caste War and the arrival of Othon P.White,to its development and in modern times.

Model of Payo Obispo

Model of Payo Obispo is a model built on a grand scale that represents the city of Chetumal in its origins in the early twentieth century,when it was called Payo Obispo and was a small population consisting of wooden houses with bright colors and style Caribbean ,with unpaved streets and tanks in every home.It can be seen through windows and is located in Bay Boulevard next to the building of the State Congress .

Monument to the Flag

Monument to the Flag is located in the forecourt of the Palace of Government with the Bay of Chetumal,was the first monument built in Chetumal and consists of a white obelisk that has a clock face on each of their faces,this watch was the first of its kind that arrived in Quintana Roo led by General Ignacio A.Bravo and settled in Santa Cruz de Bravo and how this city was returned to the Maya the clock moved to Payo Obispo.Under each of the dials of the watch is inscribed with the names of the principal national heroes of the main struggles of Mexico's Independence,the Reformation and the Mexican Revolution.

Biouniverzoo Zoo

The newly renamed Biouniverzoo Theme Park,has its origin in the year 1975 at the initiative of the then State Governor Mr.Jesus Martinez Ross,under the name Payo Obispo Zoo.Reopened to the public from December 2010,after a renovation that added about 90 million,boasts a thematic concept based on the representation and realization of the natural environment and landscapes of bioclimatic distinctive biomes of this region.Located on Avenida de los Insurgentes on the side of the Sports Unit of Technological Institute of Chetumal .

Ecological Park

Ecological Park is Located near the International Airport of Chetumal.Formerly housed deer but these were passed to the zoo in the region.Here you can see turtles,rabbits,pigeons,etc.surrounded by several trees of different you can also do exercises like jogging or walking.

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