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Visit to Cherrapunji in Meghalaya:
  After reaching Shillong Airport, you can take a bus or taxi to Cherrapunji.

Road Transport : Cherrapunji is 60 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. A steep motorable road, are available, which leads up to Cherrapunji. Buses and taxis ply to Cherrapunji from Shillong.

Staying in Cherrapunji
Cherrapunji has several comfortable private hotels.

Key places to visit
Mawsmai Falls and Cave, Khasi monoliths, Khasi Hills , Jaintia Hills , Garo Hills


Places to Visit

The alluring, the spectacular, cascading 1,035-ft-high Mawsmai Falls - the 4th highest in India, lie just a few kilometers beyond Cherrapunji.

Mawsmai cave is located in Mawsmai village very near to Cherrapunjee. The cave is open to public and a part of the cave has well lit path for tourists. The cave is full of a number of stalagmites and stalactites.

Khasi monoliths
Close by is located a beautiful labyrinth of underground passages beneath age-old caves. This the must visit place for amateur and experienced explorers. Elsewhere around Cherrapunji, Khasi monoliths (stones in memory of their ancestors) lie scattered around.

Khasi Hills
Khasi Hills in Meghalaya forms the central part of the state of Meghalaya in the north east of India. Being close to Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is best know to the world. Khasi Hills in Meghalaya is the best known hills resort in north east India and is regarded one of the best in the country.
Khasi Hills is the picture perfect destination in Meghalaya with numerous places to visit.

Jaintia Hill
The home of the Jaintia tribes, forming the eastern part of the Meghalaya, is the Jaintia Hills. The Jaintia Hills District in Meghalaya was created in Feb. 22, 1972. Bestowed by nature with bountiful of rainfall, smiling sunshine, green surroundings, high plateaus, bewildering valleys, rippling rivers, cascading waterfalls and magical streamlets, the Jaintia Hill displays some of the most alluring sights of Meghalaya. The beauty around the hill district is an unforgettable aesthetic-feast to every visitor. Jaintia Hills is a picturesque town circled by the majestic Myntdu River in Meghalaya.

Garo Hills
Garo Hills known for its abundance of wildlife attracts naturalists and photographers to capture the multifaceted sights of a unique range of flora and fauna. Two mountain ranges - the Arabella range and the Tura range, pass through the Garo Hills, forming the great Balpakram valley in between. The headquarter town of Tura is 323 Km via Guwahati, at an altitude of 657 Km. The highest point in the Garo Hills is Nokrek Peak with elevation of 1412 m.

Tura has an amazing landscape of hills against a backdrop of low-lying plains. A sunset view can be best seen from Tura Peak at 1,400 m and its summit can be reached by a 5 km trek, partly by hiking and also by rock-climbing.

Some Amazing Views
There are a series of memorable views, and one can see as far as Bangladesh. Orchids blooming a few feet away form a belt lacking of vegetation. The place exhibits a dense woods interspersed by rocky, cliffs broken by erosion.

An amazing variety of rare orchids, ferns, and moss convert each sector into a botanist's paradise. Cherrapunji produces the best quality of oranges as well as pineapples. In fact, Cherrapunji oranges are the forefathers of the famous Nagpuri oranges in the Central India.

Right Time to Visit

May - October
November - February


August - September -> 23(°C) - Autumn
December - January -> 8(°C) - Winter


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