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Country: Ukraine
State: Chernihiv Oblast
City: Chernihiv
Type of Location: Multiple
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By Air

Chernihiv Airport (IATA: CEJ, ICAO: UKKL) is an airport in Ukraine located 15 km southwest of Chernihiv.Previously it had ICAO code UKRR.This airfield is closed since 2002.

By Train

Railway station and depot "Chernigov" South-Western railway transports in 3 directions.Railways in the city appeared in the 1893 year.According to the 2006 year the volume of freight through the station "Chernigov" amounted to 84,737 cars a year. Each year, transported (Avg. 2000s) more than 4.5 million passengers.The disadvantages include the necessary condition of rolling stock and quality of services, because they do not always meet modern requirements.Chernigov - a railway station is subject to South Western Railway in Chernihiv, which is a monumental building.Station building was built after the war, German and Hungarian prisoners of war and renovated in 1999 year.Already during the night does not close, waiting room is large but dark.

By Bus

Public transport buses in the city before and taksobusamy, trolley buses, taxis.In 2011 year there were 55 routes-9 and 46 trolley buses.Traditionally high in total passenger in Chernihiv is the fate of trolley bus.Launched in 1964 year, trolleybus traffic especially rapidly developed in the 1970s.As of mid 2011 in the city there were nine routes.

By Ferry

In Chernihiv operating river port, railway station, bus station and 2 bus station, airport, fleet (JSC "Chernihivavtoservis"), taxi (JSC "Taksoservis"), trolleybus depot (Chernihiv trolleybus management).Passenger characterized by an extensive route network: 46 and 9 bus trolley bus routes.Since 2000, the transportation in the city by private entrepreneurs (taksobusy), which resulted in a significant expansion of route network which covered all areas and neighborhoods of the city.

Key places to visit
Cathedral of Boris and Gleb, Theater of Taras Shevchenko, AP Dovzhenko Puppet Theater, Vasily Tarnovsky Historical Museum, MMKotsyubynskiy Memorial Museum, Chernihiv Regional Art Museum


Places to Visit

Cathedral of Boris and Gleb

known architectural monument of Chernigov pre-Mongol era.Construction funduvav Chernigov Prince David Svyatoslavovitch.By assumptions construction completed in 1123, and probably connected with the death of his son.The cathedral is dedicated to heaven deputy Kyiv Rus princes - Boris and Gleb.After the fall Kiyivskoyi Rus land distalys portion of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.Later Orthodox church rebuilt in the church.In the 20th century. held capital reconstruction of the building to return it to form pre-Mongol era.The initial vault and the cathedral absydy not survived.The reconstruction is made on the project Kholostenko.Archaeological research has revealed foundations of the walls near the galleries.In the absence of data on their forms with the restoration of the gallery is not restored.Nowadays, the temple of Boris and Gleb turned into a museum of national architectural and historical reserve "Ancient Chernihiv".

Theater of Taras Shevchenko

a leading theatrical scene and the city of Chernihiv region.One of the oldest in Ukraine among regional theaters, with the number created in the 1920s years - during Ukrainization in the USSR.Music and Drama Theatre.Shevchenko was established in May 1926, due to the dramatic reorganization of the working group at Elisavetgrad (now Kirovograd) machine-building plant "Red Star" involving several professional actors.These actors were Galina Olshevsky, Andrew Andrienko, Basil funereal, Olga Dolynska, A. Heavy, Leonid Zadniprovska, Theodore Kostenko P. and other potentates.They also became the founder of the theater and for a long time working in it.He headed this worker-peasant Ukrainian mobile Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko (the name of the theater was the first day of its foundation) is known at the time the actor and director Leonid Predslavych.Opens theater performance "Natalka Poltavka" John Kotlyarevskogo.The repertoire of the early years of these performances were "Haydamaky" Taras Shevchenko, "Vanity" Ivan Karpenko-Kary, "Mirandolina" Carlo Goldoni, "Living Corpse" Leo Tolstoy and others.Travelling through the towns and villages today Kirovohrad, is the first year of the theater served over 55 thousand spectators, showing in 45 towns 196 performances.

AP Dovzhenko Puppet Theater

Theatre is in adapted premises (seats in the hall - 140) and is located at Ave. Victory, 135 Chernihiv-14013 (Ukraine).Director of the institution-Igor Mandzhuha.Chernihiv Puppet Theater was founded in 1976 year.In 1985 he organized the Theatre theater-studio "Youth Stage".And in 1988 on the basis of the theater was created Chernihiv theater for children and youth in 1996, the shape of a separate, now acting theatrical institution - Regional Youth Theater (St. Rodimtseva, 4).30 years of operation in 2006, the Chernihiv puppet pointed conducting creative action "puppet Opening Day," during which they show the best production team in particular the action started with a performance of The Tale of Kotyhoroshka as well as theater-colleagues from Kyiv and Kherson.Starting from 1996, on the basis of Chernigov puppet festival is "Puppet rendezvous in Chernihiv." This event is organized every 3 years. Thus, in 2008, the festival noticed first anniversary - five years.From 2002 year (the third festival of) this forum drama works in copyright status of the festival performances - groups are invited to participate Puppet Theater with performances in which the director or any of the performers, while the author of the dramatic material and which employs no more than four artists.

Vasily Tarnovsky Historical Museum

is a Regional Museum in Chernigov, Ukraine one of the oldest historical museums in the state; significant scientific, cultural and educational center of the city, region and country.Chernihiv Regional Historical Museum of Tarnovsky contained in a historic three-storey building in classical style at:str. Gorky's house. 4, Chernihiv-14000 (Ukraine).Museum building the former home of Chernihiv gymnasium, built for the "exemplary" by a famous Russian architect A. D. Zakharov.Chernihiv Historical Museum was founded in 1896 year - 14 (26) November inaugurated Chernigov provincial Scientific Archive Commission and its Historical Museum in the end the provincial city council received the application B. V. Tarnovsky in which well-known public figure, collector and philanthropist offered zemstvo accept a gift collection of antiquities and a museum at its base.Because of bureaucratic red tape to open a museum of Ukrainian antiquities behalf Tarnovsky for visitors was only in 1902 year. And even before in 1900 the Chernigov spiritual consistory decided to establish the church museum - Chernihiv diocesan repository of antiquities, which started operations in 1907 was thus becoming the third provincial museum of the city.Museum Hours: from 09:00 to 17:00 (in summer - Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00), off - Thursday.

MMKotsyubynskiy Memorial Museum

Literary and Memorial Museum Reserve, on the life and works of prominent Ukrainian writer early twentieth century, Mikhail Mikhailovich Kotsyubinskogo contained in the former private home of the writer in Chernihiv, cultural center of the city.he museum is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 (Saturday, Sunday - 10:00 to 17:00).Literary-Memorial Museum-Reserve-known Ukrainian writer Mykhailo Kotsyubinskogo was founded in Chernigov in September 1934 on the occasion of 70th anniversary of his birth.The basis of the museum was a memorial apartment of Michael Kotsubynsky.A significant event in September 1983 year was the opening of the literary museum, which started in the newly consolidated the new 3-story building. Head of Art Project was one of the best museum designers Ukraine - laureate of the Shevchenko Prize Anatoly Gaydamaka.At the same exposure in home memorial Kotsyubinskogo been expanded - it even includes 2 rooms and kitchen.Literary and Memorial Museum Reserve was not only a memorial to the literary legacy of Michael Kovel, but also a center of research on the study of the literary writer.

Chernihiv Regional Art Museum

Regional Art Museum in Chernigov ; valuable collection of local art works, the regional center of culture and aesthetic education. Established in 1983 year.Chernihiv Regional Art Museum is in the building-architectural monument of XIX stolyattya and located in the ancient princely city at:str. Gorky's house. 6, 14006, Chernihiv Ukraine.The Chernihiv Art Museum comprises about 8,000 works of fine and decorative art from the sixteenth century to the present.The basis of the museum collection is a unique collection Galagan, represented by the works of Western European and national art HVP-nineteenth century, folk painting, including the famous Cossack Mamay, portraits of representatives of eight generations of the famous Cossack Hetman family and their famous relatives - Razumovsky, Daragan, Markevitch, Lamsdorfiv.Special place in the museum occupy works iconography mostly Ukrainian including canonical "Michael", a collection of Marian icons, original folk icon with a kind of interpretation of a holy image - the patron.Much is also a collection of works by famous Ukrainian and Russian artists - Representatives style academicism, including "Telling girls in wreaths of marriage" by I. Sokolov, "Gothic bridge in the park Sokyrynskomu" O. Voloskova, "Autumn plowing in Little Russia" M. Klodt, "Storm at Sea" by I. Aivazovsky and many others.

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