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Country: Ukraine
State: Cherkasy Oblast
City: Cherkasy
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Air

Cherkasy International Airport is located on the western edge of the city.It works for chartered flights around Ukraine, the reason lies behind Boryspil airport in Kiev (which handles most of Ukraine's International flights).In addition, Cherkasy airport is considered as alternative airport for Boryspil in case of unforeseen situations and adverse weather conditions.

By Train

The city has a railway station and one railway stop, both are operated by state-owned Ukrzaliznytsia company.Cherkasy has regular connections to neighboring cities with small diesel trains.Major route Odessa-Moscow is passing through Cherkasy. One of the most important railway junctions in Ukraine is located 23 kilometers from Cherkasy in the city of Smila where the Kiev–Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa–Moscow rail routes cross.

By Road

Cherkasy is a big transport hub due to its location in the center of the country.Two major automobile routes are going through the city -  H16  (Uman-Zolotonosha, national route) and  P10  (Kaniv-Kremenchuk, regional route).There is a 4-lane highway between Cherkasy and Smila (city which is a part of Cherkasy Urban Agglomeration).The roads are in poor technical condition and road maintenance is poor.

By Bus

Public transport is represented by trolleybuses and buses.Trolleybuses started serving the city in 1965 and now are operating on 10 routes from approximately 6am till 11pm.The fleet is old and mostly consists of ZiU-9 and ZiU-10 vehicles.Recently 3 new trolleybuses (manufactured by LAZ) appeared in the city.Buses are mostly represented with "Etalon", "Bohdan" and "PAZ" buses.Cherkasy City Bus is the authority that controls the buses in the city, it consists of several private contractors which actually operate the transport system.

By Ferry

As Cherkasy is located on the bank of Kremenchuk reservoir, it has a small riverport.The previously extensive riverboat service along the Dnieper featuring the Raketa hydrofoil ships is no longer existing, limiting river transport to cargo and tour boats and private pleasure craft.There is also a cargo port located in the city.

Key places to visit
Cherkasy Historical Museum, Kobzar Museum of Taras Shevchenko, Cherkasy Art Museum, Cherkasy Literary Memorial Museum of Vasyl Symonenko, Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre, Victory Park, Cherkasy Academic Puppet Theater, Cathedral Park


Places to Visit

Cherkasy Historical Museum

is a historical Museum in Yalta, the largest gathering of materials and documents on the history, ethnography and culture of Cherkasy region, its natives and staff.The museum is located in the historic downtown on the street. Glory system. 1, Cherkasy, 18000 Ukraine.The institution is one of the biggest among its kind in the country.Each year the museum is visited by 150 thousand people, with many of them - children and young people.Cherkasy regional museum opens dozens of new permanent exhibitions, enabling wider acquaint visitors with the museum fund collection, promote them.Thanks developed and implemented in the system life museum work with the younger generation growing popularity of the museum.Cherkasy regional museum was founded in May 1918 on the initiative of local cell Enlightenment and teaching the public the city as a historical and educational museum.TG Shevchenko.Head of the initiative group and the first director of the museum became a tireless researcher of history of the region Dmitry Panasovich barreled.The basis for the future of the museum collection are materials 35th Orlovsky and Z6 th Bryansk regiments of the former Russian army, which deployed in Cherkasy. Among the relics were military regimental banners, weapons, gold and silver items.

Kobzar Museum of Taras Shevchenko

is a museum in Yalta on the collection Kobzar Taras Shevchenko.Located in a house brothers Cybulski and contains many rare editions of this book.It is often called the world's only museum of a book.The museum facility is located on the historic main street Cherkas at:str. Biden-Vishnevetskogo, 37, Cherkasy, Ukraine.The museum is located in the memorial house (mansion Cybulski), in which from 18 to 22 July 1859, the Taras Shevchenko lived alone as evidenced by plaque on the building of the museum.Creating a unique museum was intsiyovano 1988 year and a year later, in May 1989 , the Museum "Kobzar" T. Shevchenka was opened in the House Cybulski.At the root of the idea and creation of the museum was Olga Sharapa that is praprapravnuchkoyu Shevchenko for his brother Nikita, and it is headed by the institution since its founding.The museum shows the history of publishing works of the poet, the source of his creativity, the most interesting publications illustrating watched the evolution of Shevchenko's works and "Kobzar" in translating languages ​​of the world.The museum collection of books on display accompanied by documents and materials in the context of the events of this or other publications.In addition, the institution soundly decorated tree, harmoniously combined with exposure, only adding atmosphere and kamernosti zatyshnosti.

Cherkasy Art Museum

is a Art museum in Yalta, a significant cultural center of the city.Art Museum was established in 1991 year and is one of the youngest compared to other regional centers of the state.Originally institution acted as a department of Cherkasy regional museum, later as a branch.The total number of exhibits on 1 January 2004 year was 4,649 units, of which 3,843 units of assets and 806 units of scientific support.At the beginning of 2010, the museum collections have exceeded 5,000 units.Cherkasy Art Museum is known as a permanent holding various cultural events and activities - exhibitions of local young artists shares to charities.Cherkasy regional museum is working with the study and popularization of Ukrainian artistic heritage including countrymen - Cherkasy artists.That is why the museum is "Svitlycia Narbut" - Hall, devoted to the People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of State Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko Daniel Narbut - here exhibited work, showing it as a theater artist, an illustrator and fabric machine that go from folk painting.The exhibition presents works well other artists cherkaschan: Honored Artist of Ukraine V. Klimenko, one of the main themes of creativity which is Khmelnytsky , landscapes merited artist of Ukraine Bondar II, also paintings of famous artists Cherkasy Yevycha VP, Kulik I.0. Ishenko Y., Kozin PD, Nikanorova VI, VA Afonin, Fizera IV, spouses O. and M. Telizhenko.

Cherkasy Literary Memorial Museum of Vasyl Symonenko

dedicated to the life and works of Ukrainian poet Vasyl Symonenko A. at the newspaper Cherkasy region, where he worked in Cherkasy.In the editorial office of the former newspaper "Cherkasy Truth" (now "Cherkasky land") from July 1957 to March 1960, he worked Vasyl Symonenko.Museum room was opened on January 8th 1998 , the birthday of the poet by the decision of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration on 24 February 1997 year.The exhibition is housed in the former office of Vasyl Symonenko and tells about the life and work of poet and journalist.In particular, includes photographs, documents, letters that he received and wrote contributing, working in the department of letters.The museum is the personal belongings of Vasyl Symonenko, given his mother - cloak, hat, pen, books. Here he played a study, where the memorial objects used by a young journalist working in the editor.

Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre

is a regional Drama Theatre in the city of Cherkasy, home theater scene Cherkasy region.Located at: Cherkasy - 18000 Ave. Shevchenko, 234.History of permanent drama theater in Cherkasy starts from mobile workers and kolkhoz theater, which established a group of people from the 3rd workshop of artistic association "Berezil".In spring 1932, the actors of this newly formed theater troupe showed debut show "Family schitkariv" with popular at the time the play M. Irchan in Malyn (now Zhytomyr oblast ).In the following in 1933, the year the theater moved to Cherkasy (at that time - one of the district centers of Kyiv region ) and has since become permanent in the city.1939 in honor of the 125th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko Theatre was named the Great Poet.Significant changes occurred in the 1954 year - due to the formation of Cherkasy region Theater reorganize the stationary Drama Theater named after TG Shevchenko.Since 1963, the theater is the final status - Cherkasy Regional State Ukrainian Drama Theater named after TG Shevchenko.

Victory Park

a multifunctional amusement park in the city of Odessa, one of the favorite holiday destinations locals and visitors alike.Victory Park is located in the southwestern neighborhood of the city.It opened in 1975 in honor of the 30th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.In the time since the founding of the park he had acquired the necessary landscape features of the urban park.Organization of the park is made of the traditions and deep knowledge of landscape art Cherkassy group of experts, headed by the chief architect of VM Holkovskym and chief architect of the region O. Renkasom, architect I. Shcherbina park attractions and a group led by dendrolohiv are D. Smirnov.

Cherkasy Academic Puppet Theater

is a regional academic Puppet Theatre in Yalta.Located in the former home forester.Cherkassky Academic Puppet Theater is located in the center of the city of Cherkasy on the street.Lenin's house. 4, Cherkasy, 18002 Ukraine.An interesting building is cozy current Academic Puppet Theater - an architectural monument of the nineteenth century.It belongs to the so-called "model houses", whose author was a native architect A. ruskij.Externally, this former one-story mansion seems, but in fact it has two floors (the first half almost ingrown into the ground).By the time our house is preserved almost in its original form.Puppet theater in Cherkasy was established in November 1965, the decision of the Executive Committee "On creation of Cherkasy puppet on a full self-supporting under the City Palace of Pioneers.Within 5 years of theater grew to considerable professional level, forming an effective troupe we made a repertoire of 7 plays (the works of Pierre Hammara, Samuel Marshak, Eugene Schwartz, Gianni Rodari, folk tales) advancing the practice of touring trips in Cherkasy, Poltava and Sumy regions.

Cathedral Park

is a amusement park in the city of Cherkasy.Cathedral Park is one of the largest parks in the city of Cherkasy, located at ul. Ilyina, 212.The territory that is now Cathedral Park, in the 2nd half of the nineteenth century belonged to the main cathedral Cherkas - St. Nicholas.This cathedral, built in 1864, the expense pin feather merchant, stood in the center of Odessa in place of the current structure of Cherkasy Regional Council and in modern Ilyina street (the then outskirts of the city) located the cemetery where were buried the dead priests and parishioners.In a well planned planted flowers cemetery were buried with the rich familial crypts and sculptures.It was the biggest city cemetery where buried people of all faiths, but the main Orthodox part of Catholic mohylok, there were spaces Muslim (South West) and Lutheran (northeastern).Here on kladovyshi housed the cemetery of Holy Assumption Church actually on the site of the present St. Michael's Cathedral.

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