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Chhung-Chheng North
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By Air

Cheongju International Airport (IATA: CJJ, ICAO: RKTU) is an international airport near the city of Cheongju, South Korea.It also serves the city of Daejeon. It also houses the 17th fighter wing of the ROKAF.There is a railway station next to the airport called Cheongju Airport station which is on the Chungbuk Line.

By Train

The main train station is located at Ogeunjang approximately 8 km north of the city hall. This station is on the Chungbuk Line.

By Road

Cheongju heungdeokgu to gagyeongdong Cheongju Bus Terminal and the Cheongju Express Bus Terminal Route There are a lot of demand is significant.Cheongju the Central Expressway (hyangjeongdong, seocheongju nadeulmok) and cervical Highway (heungdeokgu seoksodong, Cheongju nadeulmok) the passing, and the 25th Line Road, 17th Line Road, Route 36 line is connected.The inner city the second round there are other major roads.

By Bus

Cheongju city buses in North Chungcheong Province Cheongju, which is responsible on the city buses and major management companies Oriental traffic, the same transportation, Woojin transportation, mental transport, Cheongju transportation, transportation HA is Cheongju City, the city buses many of the vehicle NGV vehicles, which consists of 2002 in May the same year the first car imported into and 2 June Shuttle launch has since been consistently followed imports in 2012 to 400 NGV vehicles advertised algebra plans to expand.

Key places to visit
Sangdang Mountain Fortress, Heungdeok Temple, Iron Flagpole of Yongdusa Temple, Cheongju National Museum


Places to Visit

Sangdang Mountain Fortress

lies on the slopes of Mt.Uam within the city limits.The fortress is mainly a 3-4 metre tall wall that stretches over 4.2 kilometers in circumference.The present walls date to the 1716 restoration of the site.Within the walls lies a small tourist village that has several restaurants.National historic site No.212.Located in Sanseong-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju, the site is a stone wall fortress of large scale)pogok-style, with a circumference of 4.2km and a height of 3m to 4m.Snagdang-sanseong is a parabolic stone fortress.Its name might come from Snagdang-hyeon of Beakje, one of Three Kingdoms.Its circumference is 4Km long and the size of its inner part is 1,808,000m2.

Heungdeok Temple

Heungdeok Temple Site is the home to the Early Printing Museum, and is purported to be the site of the printing of Jikji, the oldest existent book printed using movable metal type.The museum itself contains exhibits related to the art of printing through the ages.

Iron Flagpole of Yongdusa Temple

is designated Korean National Treasure number 41 and is located near Lotte Department Store in downtown Cheongju.Made of twenty iron cylinders, the flagpole stands 13.1 meters tall, and was formerly used to hang flags to honour the Buddha.

Cheongju National Museum

The Cheongju National Museum opened on October 30, 1987.Its mission is to survey, study, and display the cultural heritage of Chungcheongbuk-do Province and educate the public onthe unique provincial culture.The museum is at the east foot of Mt.Uamsan and surrounded by beautiful scenery.The museum building was designed by Swoogeun Kim, Korea’s most renowned architect and represents a major step forward in design of contemporary Korean buildings.The low yet strong roof lining of the museum naturally harmonizes the building with the surrounding mountain environment making the museum one of the most beautiful of all throughout Korea.The museum has a permanent collection of some 2,300 artifacts excavated from Chungcheongbuk-do Province dating from the prehistoric ages to the Joseon Dynasty.The exhibits are chronologically presented to help viewers better grasp and understand the history and cultureof Chungcheongbuk-do Province.On display outdoors are restored relics including a hearth for producing iron from Seokjang-ri, Jincheon dating back to the Baekje Kingdom and tombs of the Unified Silla from Yongdam-dong, Cheongju.The museum holds special exhibitions and traveling exhibitions every year.

Right Time to Visit

November - February