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By plane

Maiquetía's Simón Bolívar Airport has three passenger terminals(Internacional, Nacional and Auxiliar) and is 25 km away from central Caracas via a highway through the coastal mountains. A new road bridge, replacing one that collapsed in 2006, came into service in July 2007, ending months of tortuous journeys to and from the airport. The trip to Caracas should now take around 40 minutes or up to 60-70 minutes during rush hour.

By car

Fairly decent highways connect Caracas with La Guaira and the airport to the north; Maracay, Valencia and Maracaibo in the west; Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz in the east.

While driving in Caracas can be a hectic experience, renting a car to experience the outlying areas is a wonderful way to leave behind the well-traveled routes.

By bus

A taxi from the bus terminal to the center will cost you around BsF 30.

Buses from the airport to Caracas cost BsF 18. Passengers have the option of alighting either at Gato Negro metro station (somewhat unsafe at street level) or under a bridge at the Parque Central bus terminal, from where you'll need to get a taxi to your final destination or walk about 1 km along a busy road to the Bellas Artes metro station.

Key places to visit
La Plaza Bolivar, Children's Museum of Caracas, Museo de Arte Colonial, La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Jardin Botanico, Parque del Este


Places to Visit

La Plaza Bolivar

Located near the Metro Capitolio. Is located in the city center. It has statues of Simon Bolivar, and is close to Congress and other government buildings. It also displays nice examples of colonial architecture.

Children's Museum of Caracas

Children's Museum of Caracas is a privately managed museum foundation in Caracas, Venezuela's capital city, established in 1982 and aimed at teaching children about science, technology, culture and arts.

Museo de Arte Colonial

Museo de Arte Colonial, Located in the Quinta Anauco on Av Panteon in San Bernardino. this is a lovely old house and garden that hosts small concerts some weekends

La Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar

Bolivar's birthplace, also downtown. One of the few well-preserved colonial buildings with some great paintings and a museum. Next door is the

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Universidad Central de Venezuela was designated a World Heritage Site by the UN in 2000. Designed by Venezuela's most famous architect, Carlos Raul Villanueva, the university campus, known as the Ciudad Universitaria is a sprawling complex considered a masterpiece of 1950s and 1960s architecture blended in with art. A stroll around the grounds, keeping an eye open for modern art works by artists such as Fernand Leger. Metro Ciudad Universitaria.

Jardin Botanico

Jardin Botanico, located next to the Central University. is a well-kept garden with an impressive array of tropical plants and trees. Metro Ciudad Universitaria or Plaza Venezuela.

Parque del Este

This expansive park stretches on and holds many unexpected treats including a planetarium, a small zoo, and a cafe that is occasionally open to serve you a cafe con leche while you watch the turtles in a pond

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