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Canterbury,New Zealand (General)

New Zealand
New Zealand (General)
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By Plane

Christchurch International Airport, at Harewood, is possibly the best airport in New Zealand, and the gateway airport to the whole South Island.

By Car

State Highway 1 traverses the length of the Canterbury plains.

Key places to visit
Canterbury Tales Museum , Canterbury Roman Museum


Places to Visit

Canterbury Tales Museum

A visit to the Canterbury Tales Museum on St Margaret's Street can be thoroughly recommended. As the name implies the museum is dedicated to Chaucer and his times.

Canterbury Roman Museum

Canterbury's Roman Museum is a new attraction in the city. Archeologists have been on a quest to uncover the buried Roman town under present day Canterbury. You can now explore some of their findings: an excavated Roman house, military remains and objects employed in daily life, all below the Longmarket Shopping Centre.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December