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Country: Spain
State: Galicia
City: Cambre
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
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By air

Airports nearest to Cambre are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
  La-Coruna Airport (distanced approximately 4.1 km)
  Santiago Airport (distanced approximately 44 km)
  Vigo Airport (distanced approximately 120 km)
  Puerto De Santa Maria Airport (distanced approximately 150 km)
  Chaves Airport (distanced approximately 190 km)

Key places to visit
Cambre Roman Villa, Church of Santa Maria de Cambre, Reservoir-Cecebre Abegondo, Interpretation Centre and Archaeological Museum Cambre


Places to Visit

Cambre Roman Villa

Cambre Roman Villa is a site archaeological situated in Cambre,a town in Galicia.This site was found accidentally in the year 1998 because of works.It was a villae rural can be dated between the ages II and IV.It is integrated into the Red Galician archaeological heritage.

Church of Santa Maria de Cambre

The Church of Santa Maria de Cambre is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary,factory Romanesque and considered one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture known as Compostela in rural Galicia.It is located in the municipality of Cambre,in the province of La Coruna.Santa Maria is situated near the river Mero,in the urban municipality of Cambre,in the region of the Marine Frades,A Coruna province,about 12 miles from Corunna.

Reservoir-Cecebre Abegondo

Abegondo Reservoir is a landscape-ecological Cecebre created by a dam built in 1975 to supply the city of La Coruna at the confluence of the rivers Boats and Mero protected as a Site of Community Importance and extending through the towns of Abegondo,Betanzos,Cambre,Carral and Oza two Rivers.Its riverside forests,temporary ponds and eutrophic lakes are home to numerous species of birds,reptiles and mammals.

Interpretation Centre and Archaeological Museum Cambre

During a pre-performance archaeological construction of a housing block at a location between the settlement and monastery castro which included a church,they found a number of archaeological remains from the Roman period,corresponding to a part of a late Roman villa.The remains were removed from the site of the discovery,in front of the Romanesque church of Santa Maria,to the museum's interpretive center,which now includes the Archaeological Museum Cambre.
The museum is divided into two spaces:
  The first contains some panels and glass cases containing the remains found .The panels put the visitor in the historical context,beginning with the Romanization of Galicia,the appearance of Roman villas and the Pro is to restore the paintings.
  The second space are the archaeological remains,accompanied by some models that reconstruct the village level.

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