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By plane

An airport serving domestic and a couple of international flights can be found in Bursa (Yenişehir Airport, IATA: YEI, ICAO: LTBR). However, in order to get to Bursa from most countries by plane, you will have to take a transit flight via one of Turkey's international airports. Istanbul's Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen are the nearest major international airports, and with a ferry connection, form the most common way of getting to the city.

By train

There is no railway in and around Bursa.
However, when coming from Ankara, you can take the high-speed train (YHT) to Eskişehir, which is located about the mid-way, and then transfer to the bus heading for Bursa there, which is provided by Turkish State Railways and departs right in front of the station. This combined trip takes around 4 hours (as opposed to 5 and a half hours by bus only), and there are seven fast train departures daily from Ankara.

By bus

Buses from Istanbul take about 3 hours and cost about 10 euros.
There are bus services from all major cities to Bursa such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Prices vary from 10 to 50 Euros based on the distance. All intercity buses will leave you at the very modern Terminal Bus Station about 10kms outside the city on the Istanbul motorway. Take the very frequent turquoise coloured buses marked 'HEYKEL' which will let you off right in the centre of Bursa opposite Ulucamii or the Great Mosque.

By car

Highways that are fairly wide and in good condition connect the city to north (D575/E881, from İzmit, Yalova, and Istanbul, the shortest route from last of which involves taking a ferry to Yalova), west (D200/E90 from Balıkesir with a connection to D565 from Izmir in the southwest), and east (D200/E90 from Eskişehir and Ankara, with a connection to D650 from Antalya in the south).

By boat

This is the fastest option from Istanbul
Take the Yenikapı-Bursa ferry from Istanbul Yenikapı terminal (in the European part of Istanbul near Sultanahmet) to Güzelyalı (80 minutes - 20 Lira).
Güzelyalı is about 20km from Bursa so buses meet the ferry to take passengers to Organize Sanayi metro station (30mins - 3 Lira) in the outer suburbs of the city.
Take the metro to downtown Bursa - get off at Şehre Küstü station for the old section of the city close to the market area (30mins - 2 Lira). The whole journey from Istanbul to the centre of Bursa will take about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Key places to visit
Ulu Cami, Emir Sultan Mosque, Bursa Grand Mosque, Daruzziyafe, Bursa City Museum, Bursa Castle


Places to Visit

Ulu Cami

Ulu Cami is the largest mosque in Bursa and a landmark of early Ottoman architecture, which carried many elements from the Seljuk architecture. Ordered by Sultan Bayezid I, the mosque was designed and built by architect Ali Neccar in 1396–1400. It is a large and rectangular building, with a total of twenty domes that are arranged in four rows of five, and are supported by 12 columns. Supposedly the twenty domes were built instead of the twenty separate mosques which Sultan Bayezid I had promised for winning the Battle of Nicopolis in 1396. The mosque has two minarets.

Emir Sultan Mosque

Emir Sultan Mosque is a mosque in Bursa, Turkey. First built in the 14th century, it was rebuilt in 1804 upon the orders of the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, and re-built again in 1868, along slightly varying plans each time. Emir Sultan, also known as Şemseddin Mehmed Ali el-Hüseyin el Buhari, was a dervish and scholar from Bukhara and also the advisor and son-in-law of the Ottoman Sultan Sultan, Bayezid I

Bursa Grand Mosque

Bursa Grand Mosque or Ulu Camii is a mosque in Bursa, Turkey. Built in the Seljuk style, it was ordered by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and edificed between 1396 and 1400. The mosque has 20 domes and 2 minarets.


A poorhouse during the Ottoman period, this building now serves as a family restaurant (with no alcohol service).It is a stunningly restored building in the Muradiye district of Bursa. The garden has wonderful views of Bursa. The cuisine is pure Ottoman and difficult to find in a modern Turkish city

Bursa City Museum

The goal, a 7000 year old traditional Anatolian and Ottoman culture in the process of formation and development of the citizen and the city of Bursa, the leading city in the possession of the tourists visiting and even living this experience that we can learn by seeing, and especially children and young people to create a city museum has been to instill awareness of citizenship.
In particular reputation as a center of sericulture and weaving but also engaged in Bursa inns, spas, shrines, baths and fountains, and many of the Republican period in the original structure has a unique historical heritage.

Bursa Castle

It is located to the east of the Marmara Sea on the western foothills of the Mount Olympos/Uludað rising above the plain of the same neme behid the Mudanya bay. The history of the area dates back to the prehistoric ages as parallel to the sacred character of the Mount Olympos. Aesclepiades, the eminentphysician who lived in the 2nd century B.C., is the most famous Purassan of the antiquity. The area which, after the Scythian and Etruscan tribes, came under the rule of the Hittite Anatolian League, was later taken by Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Macedonians and Bithynians. Commensurate with the functionality of the Zeus Temple and Sanctuary presumably built on the Mount Olympos during the Bithynian era,Bursa-Turkey the first settlement was established on the western foothills of the Mount, at the place today called Hisar (castle), under the name Purassa, meaning "Castle by the Water Spring". In the course of time this name changed into Bursa.

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