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Saudi Arabia
Al Qassim
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By Air

Qassim Regional Airport (IATA: ELQ, ICAO: OEGS) is an airport in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia.On 26 June 2010 Egypt's AlMasria Universal Airlines became the first international airline to serve the airport to Cairo.

By Road

The road to Riyadh Qassim highway with a length of 317 km. By Qassim Medina rapid with a length of 450 km. By Qassim Qassim Hail rapid with a length of 250 km. By Qassim Jubail Highway with a length of 400 kilometers.(Under Construction) surrounded by a ring road fast and a double length of 73 kilometers peppered with 18 interchanges between major and spending, and connected by a fast (International) up to the border with Jordan and the road to a single region of Mecca, also linked by road network dual with the rest of the provinces Qassim.Historically, going through one of the city of Buraydah ancient pilgrim routes coming from Iraq, a coached Zubaydah.The city of Buraida of the most important cities of ancient trade, to being a full and Mrkda and imbued and traded goods for travelers from the north (Sham) to the south (Yemen).

By Train

Buraidah is proposed to be served by a new railway line.

Key places to visit
Buraidah Mosque, Museum of Buraidah, Years Algrgah destructive, Mercy Year, Khalid King Park, Gulf Park entertainment


Places to Visit

Buraidah Mosque

Last innumerable endowments Buraydah Mosques of the Endowment is the 1770 mosque.As they drove out many of the scholars and sheikhs of them, Sheikh Suleiman Al-Alwan Abdul Karim Hamid Sheikh Mohammed bin Nasser Al Aboudi and Sheikh Omar Bin Sulayem and Sheikh Suleiman Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Omari, cleric of the Prophet's Mosque, Sheikh Saleh Alpeleta and Shaykh Saalih al-Sheikh Saleh Bin Humaid and Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Rahman Mohaimeed and Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz College, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Saleh Al-Hamid, Sheikh Abdel Karim Khudayr and Sheikh Saleh Akherisa and Sheikh Hamoud Alakla Shuaibi and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Saleh mind and Sheikh Suleiman bin Mohammed Al Moosa and Sheikh d. Nasser al-Omar and Sheikh d. Salman return and Sh. Abdulaziz Fawzaan and Dr. Sheikh.Walid Rashudi and Sheikh Abdullah bin Saleh and Sheikh Mohammed Gamas way - and others.

Museum of Buraidah

It is one of the important cultural archaeological monuments in Al Qassim region.The museum includes many rooms and suites which contain traditional possessions, which belong to the region. It also includes the historic, scientific and cultural rooms and a special suite of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of the state and his private car.The museum also contains an open library with the published literature about the city of Buraidah and Qassim region.King Abdul Aziz road next to King Khalid cultural Center.

Years Algrgah destructive

Years Algriqh in Buraida occurred in 1376 AH, The rains fell great Buraidah in this year where floodwaters swept Qassim and demolished houses was the people are crying God to hold the sky, Vtatlt study and fell into homes and people came out into the wilderness sleeping on the ground and sleeping under the sky, where they were camping near a hospital Buraidah Central to that is a high place and rich in that period have a carpet bump sticks forestall the rain has continued to rain for forty days and fell in the Great Mosque Buridah of rain.

Mercy Year

The news this year, said Sheikh Ibrahim slaves author of the history of the first prohibition and gratitude in Part II p. 243 (year of mercy dating people find it signed by the plague, God forbid and perished because of him in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula thousands of souls human and was great, and one card of the disease in people and say who greets him, the disease is a bacterial scrap can not be detected eyes naked and have signed the epidemic at the beginning of this year, in 1337 AH and was a year in Najd, Al-Ahsa and the Gulf and Iraq, and continued for three months and seek refuge in God and because of abandoned mosques and empty houses of the population and the Hamlet of livestock in the wild do not find a sponsor and the bartender was pray on the day of 100 funeral because of the disease has broken coffins and made them instead of doors to carry the dead was improved in that time his main concern of digging graves and transport to have died in the epidemic, Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud).

Khalid King Park

the vicinity of the Museum, a major Buraidah gardens open to visitors every day and in meetings and places for children is innocent and is in the summer, the administration of the summer activities for families and children.

Gulf Park entertainment

located in West Buraidah on the Western Ring Road and the chalets and a large swimming pool and places to sit and play electronic games.

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