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Buon Ma Thuot

Dak Lak
Buon Ma Thuot
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By air

There are connections with Danang and Hanoi (via Danang) three times a week, daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City.
Buon Ma Thuot Airport is 10km from the city.

By road

Buon Ma Thuot is 194km from Nha Trang, 197km from Pleiku, 223km from Qui Nhon, 350km from Ho Chi Minh City, 396km from Dalat and 1427km from Hanoi.

By bus

There is a bus service to Buon Ma Thuot from Danang and Ho Chi Minh City (departs from Mien Dong Bus Station in Ho Chi Minh City). Buon Ma Thuot Bus Station is 3km east of the center. Several buses travel daily to Pleiku and Danang (buses will stop in Pleiku), Qui Nhon (11 hours), Nha Trang (6 hours), and Ho Chi Minh City (18 hours).Mai Linh Express now operate their hunter green Mercedes Sprinters out of Buon Ma Thuot, which cut down travel times considerably, even with short breaks at mealtimes. For example, the journey to Nha Trang is 90,000vnd four times daily and takes approximately 3.5 hours.

Key places to visit
Museum of the people of Vietnam in Dak Lak, Bishop of Ban Me Thuot, Giao Lac Beer, Khai Doan PagodaGiao Lac home, Giao Lac home


Places to Visit

Museum of the people of Vietnam in Dak Lak

Museum of the people of Vietnam in Dak Lak is located in building Special Bao Dai Palace, an historic of Dak Lak, located at No. 4 Nguyen Du (now No. 02 street Y goose) city of Buon Ma Thuot.In 1926 the house was built of brick, lime concrete, finished in 1927.Khu the former palaces of King Bao Dai at or before that position was building and Minister of the French government in the Highlands, in 1950 was handed to the government of Vietnam National , when placed in Buon Ma Thuot area Highland Reigning Dynasty territory . The building was rebuilt in 1940 as the current architecture with beautiful style sexism a long tradition of ethnic Ede indigenous, roof tiles, wooden floor. Surrounded by a forest tree cover, very diverse in types; most noteworthy is have two camphor trees planted symmetrically on two sides of the road on a beautiful and unusual design, this can be a in the tree camphor to one in Vietnam. Then in 1975 a building was used as guest house, a museum culture as ethnic Highlands.

Bishop of Ban Me Thuot

Bishop of Ban Me Thuot is an ancient buildings to large scale, located on Phan Chu Trinh city of Buon Ma Thuot , province of Dak Lak

Giao Lac Beer

Giao Lac Beer is a historical has been ranked. Brewery located in Center City Buon Ma Thuot City of Dak Lak , the six Board Self love is approximately 1km.Giao Lac Brewery was built in the premises of the exhibition, under a banyan tree with four original ancient architecture as a natural shield. It is rumored on before the red men of The French Treasury in Buon Ma Thuot. After Vietnam gained independence, the French have become aggressive and invade the Highlands and the South.

Khai Doan PagodaGiao Lac home

Khai Doan Pagoda four colors (four Khai Doan self-Sac), is home temple largest city of Buon Ma Thuot located in Ward Unified and in Dak Lak . Name Khai Doan is grafted from the name of King Khai Dinh Huy Doan and his wife Queen. Pagodas and Buddha Shakyamuni.

Giao Lac home

Giao Lac is a family house church Deity according to practices of Vietnam and is a historical site has been ranked. Home located on Phan Boi Chau, the city of Buon Ma Thuot , province of Dak Lak . A place for spiritual and cultural activities, spring ritual, the second period, a specific place of worship Dao Duy Tu Hoang Native gods, worshiping them for money kind Phan, who has initiated the establishment of Giao Lac village.

Right Time to Visit

November - May


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