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Bulawayo Province
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By air

The airports at Victoria Falls and Livingstone are about 20km south and 20km north of the falls respectively.

Air Botswana flies into Kasane, Chobe, just a 90-minute road transfer (and often a game drive itself) to the Falls.

by train

A train runs about once every day from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo. The trip takes about 18 hours with expected delays and costs US$12 for First Class and US$8 for Second Class--First Class generally has 4 bunks per compartment, Second Class generally has 6, although there are special "half compartments" with 2 and 3 bunks respectively. First Class comes with bedding provided, Second Class does not. There are also Fourth Class tickets which are non-sleepers.

Minibus taxis run from the township outside Victoria Falls to Bulawayo in the very early morning and takes approximately 7 hours.

The two most commonly recommended bus companies running daily services from Johannesburg to Bulawayo are Greyhound and Pathfinder. The journey costs $40-50 on high quality luxury coaches. There are many other bus companies on the route. Heading back bus company touts in Bulawayo will be sure to catch you if you walk near the Greyhound or Pathfinder offices.

Key places to visit
The Museum of Natural History, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, The Railway Museum, Bulawayo Amphitheatre, Bulawayo National Art Gallery


Places to Visit

The Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History, which houses over 75 000 specimens, is the largest museum in the southern hemisphere. It is the home of the second largest mounted elephant in the world. The displayed exhibits include wildlife, bird, insects exhibits as well as historical and mining displays. The Museum of Natural History is also in the vicinity of The Centenary and Central Parks.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

Zimbabwe's International Trade Fair (ZITF) is also sited in Bulawayo. This forum attracts exhibitors from the SADC region as well as others from overseas countries, mostly wishing to trade with Zimbabwe. The Trade Fair also provides Zimbabwean companies with a window to exhibit their own products to the outside world

The Railway Museum

    The Railway Museum, one of the few of its kind in the world, houses a collection of many obsolete railway memorabilia ­steam locomotives, rolling stock and station buildings - with a variety of other exhibits dating back to 1897 when the first steam engine rolled into the country. Bulawayo is the country's railway junction and marshalling yard.

Bulawayo Amphitheatre

Bulawayo has its own Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra and an Academy of Music which contains a specially designed hall where frequent concerts and recitals are given by overseas and local musicians. Also of note is the Amakhosi Cultural Centre, the only one of its kind in Southern Africa. It has an amphitheatre where performances of traditional song, dance and drama are given regularly. Bulawayo is the home of many dynamic and talented cultural groups, who frequently tour overseas providing high quality performances which are in high demand

Bulawayo National Art Gallery

A branch of the National Gallery in Bulawayo, the beautifully-restored Douslin House, a colonial building houses a collection of traditional and modern art, including sculpture.
On-site workshops offer handmade batiks, and there is a shop which sells artwork, curios, sculptures and genuine tribal artifacts.


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