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Belarus (General)
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By plane

Currently there are no regular services to Brest Airport (IATA: BQT) however there have been flight connections with Moscow from time to time. From June 2011 Belavia will commence a service with Kaliningrad. A better option is to fly to Minsk or Warsaw and then take a connecting train.

By train

Situated at the border between European Union and the CIS countries, Brest is a great place for train travel. The train from Warsaw by Polish Railways runs 3-4 times a day and costs 150zł. Alternatively, you can take a connection to Terespol on the other side of the border from Brest for 40-60zł and then take the very cheap commuter train across the border which runs twice a day. Most other trains connecting Europe and Russia also calls at Brest.

By car

See Belarus. There are six control lines of various sorts at the crossing. Allow something like 2 hours to get through them all.

If you are already in Terespol and need to cross over to Brest, you can walk over to the border crossing and "hitchhike" across with one of the cars that is already towards front of the line. They might be happy to take you across as they can "assign" some goods as belonging to you for the purposes of customs. Just go along with the arrangement. Alternatively, they might ask for a modest payment of $5USD or so.

Key places to visit
The Fortress of Brest, Brest City Park, Naberezhnaya, Gogolya st, Brest Railway Museum


Places to Visit

The Fortress of Brest

The Fortress of Brest preserves the ruins of a massive fortification built in XIX century by Russian Empire, that achieved "Hero Fortress" status during World War II. Admission fee. Walking the grounds of this great fortification is a moving experience that gives a good sense of the privations faced by the forces that were besieged there. There is a museum, where you can learn about fight between attacking Germans and defending Soviets. There is also small part about Polish defenders of this place, who were attacked earlier by Germans and Soviets. The history of Brest Fortress is complicated, as you can see, and worth learning.

Brest City Park

Brest City Park is an urban public park in Brest, Belarus. The Russian soldiers of Libava Regiment, who were stationed in this part of Brest-Litovsk, laid out the park in 1906. Initially it covered 4 ha. Today, at over 20 ha, it is the largest public park in the city. The park features dozens of tree species rare in this part of Europe, such as platanus, tamarisk, elm, and serpentine spruce (Picea Abies "Virgata").

2006 marked the park's centenary. The park underwent an all-out reconstruction that lasted two years till 2006. On October 16, 2004, the park was reopened on completion of the first stage of reconstruction. In 2006, the entire reconstruction was completed and the park hosts visitors again. As its official name is First of May Park, it was reopened on May 1.


Naberezhnaya (Riverfront), Naberezhnaya st riverfront between TSUM and pr Shevchenko. If you just happen to wander around the city this is my best place, especially late summer - fall. The riverfront has a lot of willow trees and there are a lot of ducks swimming in the river. There are some chairs under the willow trees sitting on which is very relaxing.

Gogolya st

Gogolya st, ulica Gogolya  it is between Cosmonavtov blvd and Naganova st. This is nice alley with two lines of old chestnut trees on both sides. Gives you nice quiet walk in summer and fall.

Brest Railway Museum

The Brest Railway Museum is the first outdoor railway museum in Belarus, located in Brest, opened in 2002.

The museum is located close to the Brest Fortress, the major attraction of the city. It displays various historical locomotives and is used for shooting films and various festivals.


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