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By Air

Located eight kilometres from the city centre, the municipal/regional airport (Braganca Airport) with scheduled flights by Aero VIP to Lisbon (LIS) and Vila Real (VRL).Braganca Airport is located north of the city in the parish of Aveleda, accessible by taxi or bus route.The aerodrome was expanded and the runway enlarged including new navigational systems, new lighting and support facilities in order to increase mid-size aircraft to be on par with other European regional airports.

By Train

Braganca is one of the two (along with Viseu) district capitals without a rail service in Portugal.There was formerly a metre-gauge railway (the Tua line) from Braganca to Tua, for connecting trains to Oporto.Braganca station (and the Braganca-Mirandela section of the railway) closed in 1991.

By Road

There are three main accessways within the municipality: the IP4, IP2 and the N103 motorways.The principal roadway connecting Braganca and local communities is the IP4: Amarante-Vila Real-Braganca-Quintanilha, which crosses the municipalities southwest border towards Braganca, before circling the city in the direction of the eastern border with Spain.

By Bus

The STUB is a company that provides urban public transport services in the city of Braganca.It currently has sixteen lines to the urban space and to the periphery.

Key places to visit
City theater Braganca, Abbot of Bacal Museum, Museum Iberian Mask and Costume, Science Center of Braganza


Places to Visit

City theater Braganca

is the main theater of the city Portuguese of Braganca, in the northeast.The structure was designed by architect Portuguese Filipe Oliveira Dias in the year 2001 and is now considered one of the reference works of contemporary architecture and the Portuguese public works in the city with the highest expression Trasmontana.It is part of the Portuguese national network of theaters together with the Teatro Municipal of Vila Real, the same author.The theater building was designed in order to shoot in front of a square filled with buildings from the 1950s (New State) and allowed to combine the plan of requalification of the urban polis with a bold architectural solution considered.

Abbot of Bacal Museum

The Abbot of Bacal Museum is located in the parish of Santa Maria in the city and county of Braganca, the district of the same name in Portugal.The museum was founded in 1915, installed in the building of the old Episcopal Palace of Braganza with the name "Regional Museum of Braganza".In 1935 the name was changed to the current in honor of the Abbot of Bacal.The museum's original collection consisted of collections of archeology, numismatics and some of the contents of the Bishop's Palace.In 2001 he acquired an important collection of masks transmontanas.

Museum Iberian Mask and Costume

is installed in an old house in the citadel of Braganca.In his collection are objects of 29 locations, 18 Tras-os-Montes and 11 of the province of Zamora.On permanent display are 60 masks, 45 costumes and a mask path in Portugal and Spain with 46 artisans.Its opening was on February 24, 2007.

Science Center of Braganza

The Living Science Center is located in Braganca Braganca in Portugal.Constitutes a space, an integral network of Centers Open Science, focusing on issues of energy and the environment.The center is deployed in two buildings: an old hydroelectric plant on the left bank of the river Fervenca and called "House of Silk", an old mill hydraulic possibly used in the dyeing of silk.Requalified systems incorporating the first cooling will maximize heating capacities and natural cooling.

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October - February


October - February -> 18(°C) - Winter


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