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Braga church

Portugal (General)
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By plane

The nearest airports are Airport Francisco Sa Carneiro , Portela Airport (Lisbon, 350km) and Vigo Airport in nearby Spain . The city itself has no airport.

By Train

The railway station is Largo Station. There are daily connections from Alfa-Pendular to Lisbon and Porto. There are also links to most major cities in Portugal.

By Bus

Daily connections all over northwest Portugal, and daily Express and Renex connections to the main cities in Portugal. There are weekly connections to Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid, and others.

By Car

The city has a connection to the S1 or IP1 and IP9. The E1 goes south through the northern Portuguese coast and northwest Spain, IP9 connects the beaches to the west and inland. Auto Jardim, Av General Norton de Matos

Key places to visit
Braga Cathedral, Populo Church, Misericordia Church, St Paul's Church, Saint Vincent Church, Carmo Church, Congregados Basilica, Holy Cross Church


Places to Visit

Braga Cathedral

The Cathedral of Braga is one of the most important monuments in the city of Braga, in Northern Portugal. Due to its long history and artistic significance it is also one of the most important buildings in the country.The Diocese of Braga dates from the 3rd century AD, being one of the oldest in the peninsula and the centre for the Christianisation of Gallaecia (Northwestern Iberia). When Roman power was being dissolved by invading Germanic tribes, Braga (then called Bracara Augusta) became the capital of the Suebi Kingdom (409 to 584). Bishop Martin of Dumio, a great religious figure of the time, converted the Suebi to Catholicism around 550. The importance of Braga diminished during Visigoth times, and after the arrival of the Arabs (716) it lost its bishop seat.

Populo Church

Populo Church is a neoclassical church located in Braga.The church started to be built by the end of the 16th century, under the order of Archbishop D. Frei Agostinho de Jesus, to invoke the Virgin Mary that is glorified in Santa Maria del Popolo church in Rome.Its front suffered some changes in the 18th century to neoclassical style designed by Carlos Amarante, a Portuguese architect. Its interior is decorated with tiles showing a great pictorial value as well as its baroque altar.Close to the church, and belonging to the same architectural block there is an ancient monastery, which is now part of the Town Hall Services.

Misericordia Church

The Misericórdia is a church located in Se, Braga, Portugal.
Built in 1562 it is considered the most important legacy of the renaissance period in the city, despite the profound changes it suffered in the 18th and 19th centuries.

St Paul's Church

The Saint Paul Church in Portuguese, Igreja de São Paulo is a Portuguese 16th-century church in Braga, Portugal, dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle of Jesus.
The church was built by the Jesuits, in the time of the Archbishop Bartholomew of Braga, with a pure simple facade which is in contrast to its luxurious baroque interior with a magnificent wood carving work in the altars.

Saint Vincent Church

The Saint Vincent Church is a 16th-century baroque Catholic church in Braga, Portugal, dedicated to Saint Vincent of Saragossa.Was built in 1565 and restored in 1691, on the same site where there was once a Visigoth church of the 7th century (656). I the sacristy there is a stone from that old building with the inscription: Here rests Remismuera since the first of May 618, Monday, in peace, Amen. This is the oldest authentic Christian monument in Braga, and the oldest reference of Segunda-feira, the Christian Portuguese name for Monday.

Carmo Church

The Carmo Church in Portuguese, Igreja do Carmo is a Portuguese 17th-century church in Braga, Portugal, with a Latin cross Floor plan and a single nave.
The church is part of the Carmelite Convent, founded in 1653.
The main façade follows the plan of the tower façade, and the interior decoration features baroque golden woodwork retables and neoclassical retables and tiles.

Congregados Basilica

The Congregados Basilica in Portuguese, Igreja dos Congregados is a Portuguese 18th-century baroque Basilica in Braga, Portugal.
The church, a project from the architect André Soares, is flanked on the top by two bell towers, one of which finished is the 60s of the 20th century.

Holy Cross Church    

The Holy Cross Church in Portuguese, Igreja de Santa Cruz is a Portuguese 17th century church in Braga, Portugal, dedicated to the Holy Cross.

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April - October


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