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Benin (General)
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By Air

The closest major airport is Cadjehoun Airport (COO / DBBB).This airport has international flights from Cotonou, Benin and is about 100 km from the center of Bohicon, Benin.

By Train

A conurbation of Abomey lying 9 kilometres east of the city on the railway line from Cotonou to Parakou and on Benin’s main highway RNIE 2 which joins the RNIE 4.

Key places to visit
Royal Palaces of Abomey, Koto Falls, Quartiers Hai Vive, Ganvie, Bohicon Mosque


Places to Visit

Royal Palaces of Abomey

The royal palaces of Abomey are a group of earthen structures built by the Fon people between the mid-17th and late 19th Centuries.One of the most famous and historically significant traditional sites in West Africa, the palaces form one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.From 1625 to 1900 twelve kings succeeded one another at the head of the powerful Kingdom of Abomey.With the exception of King Akaba, who used a separate enclosure, they each had their palaces built within the same cob-wall area, in keeping with previous palaces as regards the use of space and materials.The royal palaces of Abomey are a unique reminder of this vanished kingdom.

Koto Falls

Located just outside of Natitingou, these falls vary in flow rate and volume depending on the time of year. While the picturesque setting is suitable for relaxing in the shade of its surrounding trees, a trip isn't complete without a swim in the natural pool at its base.The waterfall is also the site of some evocative village ruins.

Quartiers Hai Vive

Is a fun place to visit.This is where a lot of ex-patriots hang out.There is a nice yovo restaurant called Livingstone’s if you want to meet other westerners.It is quite cher (expensive) though.Near Livingstone’s you can find some men from Niger who sell silver jewelry and little leather boxes.Be cautious, you have to bargain hard to get an okay price. It’s not all real silver also.There are a couple of places to stay here too.


In a lagoon near Cotonou is a town on stilts that was founded in the middle of a lake by escaped slaves 300 years ago.Their descendants still live in stilted houses, fishing and now selling things to tourists.And, it is very touristy, one of the first things that you see in the town is a giant sign for Coca cola. Still, it is a nice excursion.You’ll need to take a taxi and then a boat to get there.

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