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Blue Bay

Grand Port District
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By Air

Air Mauritius is the home carrier and operates a network of routes to the local islands and to international destinations in Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

By bus

Several fairly good bus services ply the island. Taking the bus is the most economical way of travelling. Air-conditioned buses have been recently introduced on some routes.

By Sea

The common way to enter Mauritius is usually by plane, and even though there are vessels that arrive at the port they are mainly cargo ships. The Mauritius Pride and the Trochetia are the Mauritian vessels that usually sails to Reunion Island, Rodrigues Island and Madagascar. Costa Cruises ships have recently started an Indian Ocean cruise including a visit to Mauritius.

Key places to visit
Blue Bay marine park, Villa Blue Bay, Beau-Bassin, Vieux Grand Port


Places to Visit

Vieux Grand Port

"Vieux Grand Port is the cradle of Mauritian history, as this is where people first settled on the inhabited island called Mauritius. The magnificent bay of Mahébourg has a number of sites which might have been settled, but the Dutch choose the high ground at Vieux Grand Port to build their fort. In the lagoon immediately below, they built a jetty from stones, which can still be seen to this day."


The name is derived from a pond on estate of Jean Nicolas Bouchet of the East India Company. Originally, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill was part of a rural area, which was conceded, on 30th April 1759, by the 'Conseil Superieur' of the 'Compagnie des Indes' which administered the Island from 1722 - 1765, to Mr. Jean Baptiste Bourceret de St Jean, who was 'Conseiller Commissaire de la Marine' of the Company.

The Beau-Bassin Sugar Factory, which was built in 1788, was closed in 1868 and the land was parcelled out. The residential area of Beau-Bassin attracted businessmen, traders and professionals. Their residences were known as The Oaks, Harewood Park or Llewllyn Castle. The then village of Beau-Bassin was created on the 1st November 1877.

Villa Blue Bay

Villa Blue Bay, situated in the beautifull surroundings, of Blue-bay, in the south east of the island.With only a 10 minutes drive from the airport, and only 5 minutes walk away from the beautifull Blue-bay beach.The villa is lovely inside as well as outside, as you will see through this sight.

Blue Bay marine park

Found South East of Mauritius,  the Blue Bay marine park is framed on one side by Le Shandrani Hotel, Blue Lagoon Hotel and the runway of our international airport Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport.And sitting comfortably on top of the marine park is 'Ile des Deux Cocos', an islet within the lagoon, of 4.22 hectares.An important and very unique network of coral reefs protect this part of the island from the oceanic waves. The oldest corals are found between 'Ile aux Deux Cocos' (where there is a hotel project at Naiade Resorts !!) and the coastline at a depth of 5.5 metres. And more than 50 different species of corals have been identified, out of which more than 80% are alive.

The Blue Bay marine park has been proclaimed in 1997 to slow down the constant degradation of the marine environment, a result of urbanisation and tourism development in the area.

Right Time to Visit

July - September


January - March -> 30(°C) - Summer
June - August -> 17(°C) - Spring


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